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What about the Ayia Napa golf course and marina?

Governments have focused their attentions on the West coast of Cyprus with infrastructure, golf courses and marinas while the East coast has been left to struggle on.

DO YOU have any information about the licence which was supposed to have been given for the construction of a golf course in the Paralimni area? This project has been continually delayed and many obstacles put in its path by both Governments.

After more than twenty years it seems that the Ayia Napa golf may finally be approved, but this has come too late to help many of the business here.  The hotels have been in trouble for many years and cannot fund the cost of building a golf course. And is there any news of the Marina promised for the Ayia Napa area?

Both the new and old governments have focused their attentions on the West coast of Cyprus, from infrastructure, to Golf Courses, Marinas, and the East coast has been left to struggle on.

Every year those of us in the Famagusta area are forced to close down our businesses because there is no business.  We sign on for Social benefits for 6 months and hope that next year will be better.  These benefits will be deducted from our pensions. The old people cannot live on today’s pensions so how will we in 20 years time?

The property market problems in the Famagusta area started to show themselves in mid January 2007, did anyone care to mention this?  The building trade started slowing down in May and came to a halt mid year 2008 no announcement was made – what about the 30,000 people living in the Famagusta area, are we non existent!

Where are the government spokesmen for the Red Soil Village people?

Do we not contribute to the economy what are the future plans for our existence?

Ms A S
Famagusta area

Editors reply

I can understand your frustration at the current situation – projects announced in Cyprus can take many years to materialise.

Ayia Napa marina

In September 2007 the local media reported that a consortium of private companies was planning to build a marina in the Louma area of Ayia Napa close to the Ayia Thekla church. The reports said that the marina was planned to have a capacity of 600 boats of which 360 will be on the water and 240 will be docked on the pier.

In the latest news on the project, reported last month in the Cyprus Mail, the cabinet was expected to approve a five-member steering committee to overlook the marina project.

Lefteris Christoforou of DISY was especially critical of the delays saying that “This unfavourable treatment of free Famagusta has been going on for years,” he said, calling on the government to finally speed up efforts to build the marina.

AKEL’s Stavros Evagorou agreed. “The construction of the Ayia Napa marina reminds me of the scenarios that took place with the airports, which took 17 years to materialise,” he said.

Golf courses

The government plans that a total of 14 golf courses will be built by 2010, including the three that are already in operation. Four courses will be built in the district of Limassol at Ayios Ambrosios, Paramali and Fassouri, two in Polis Chrysochous, two in Paphos and three in Ammochostos-Larnaca.

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