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Cyprus golf & country resort at Tersefanou

The Board of Directors of Medgolf Group of Companies has released a statement regarding the Golf Resort and Country Club in the Tersefanou area of Larnaca.

The Board of Directors of Medgolf Group of Companies would like to release the following statement regarding the true facts and current status of the Medgolf Larnaca Golf Resort and Country Club, located in the Tersefanou area.

The companies of the Group are privately owned and their shareholders are highly professional, successful and dedicated individuals involved in a variety of projects, including the Medgolf Larnaca Golf Resort and Country Club.

It has always been the Group’s policy to keep all the information regarding the above mentioned project within the Directors and their close associates and partners. However, due to misleading information from recent press articles and various forums, The Medgolf Group takes this direct initiative to publicly set the correct information.

Our Group has secured and acquired an area of 1,515,224m² of land in the Tersefanou area solely for the development of the Medgolf Larnaca Golf Resort and Country Club. The title deeds of all the plots are registered to Medgolf Properties Ltd and Medgolf Investments Ltd; member companies of the Medgolf Group.

Our initial communication with the relevant Governmental Departments and preliminary application for the project was in 2004. The same year we appointed a team comprised of some of the World’s best professionals, from Resort Master Planners to Golf Course Architects, listed below, as well as other reputable, international and local consultants.

Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (W.A.T.G)Master Planners
Economic Research Associates (E.R.A)Feasibility Study & Market Research
European Golf Designers (E.G.D)Golf Course Designers
SCAPE Design AssociatesLandscape and Irrigation Architects
EnviroplanEnvironmental Consultants

In 2006 approval for the specific usage of the land was obtained and our primary Master Plan and Environmental Impact Assessment were deposited to the relevant authorities. Due to further land area requirements by the Government a secondary Master Plan was produced.

On the 31st of October of the same year the Medgolf Properties Ltd entered into an agreement with PGA Golf Management Ltd for the management and operation of the Golf Facilities.

In 2007 we received approval from the Water Development Department to proceed with the construction of our own Desalination Unit (for this reason the group acquired the necessary plot of land near the sea). Soon after that a revised and comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment for the Resort and the Desalination unit was completed and deposited to the Government, along with an essential Traffic Study.

In June 2007, our Group was granted the licence to apply the PGA National brand exclusively to the Golf Academy of the resort and to be known as “The PGA National Golf Academy of Cyprus”.

In March 2008 the detailed Technical Master Plan of the project was completed and deposited to the Town Planning Authority for final approval. However, unless the Environmental Committee approved the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Golf project and the Desalination Unit, the Town Planning Authorities would not proceed with the Master Plan’s final approval.

A breakthrough came in December 2008 with the official approval of the environmental impact assessment of the golf project and its desalination unit. The final official Town Planning Approval is expected within the next months.

It has been a long and tedious procedure to obtain full licensing of the Medgolf Larnaca Golf Resort and Country Club, a delay well worth waiting for a project of this nature. Our directors and associate consultants are dedicated to this project and they are putting every effort into making this dream resort a reality in the very near future.

The Medgolf Group head offices are situated in Tersefanou and our website will be launched soon. For further inquiries please contact us at Board of Directors, Medgolf Group of Companies.

Press release issued by The Medgolf Larnaca Golf Resort and Country Club Larnaca, February 4, 2009


The PGA terminated its relationship with MedGolf Properties in January 2014.

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