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EU questions Cyprus over property issues

The European Commission has given its assurance that it will take the necessary measures if Cyprus has infringed EU law.

In response to a number of questions raised in the European Parliament concerning property rights and abuse of Title Deeds in Cyprus, the European Commission has asked Cypriot authorities for further information.

In written replies on behalf of the Commission to questions E-6513/08EN, E-6793/08EN and E-0110/09EN, Mr. McCreevy said:

The Commission cannot make an assessment of the situation based on the information included in the question.

Therefore, and in order to collect all the necessary and relevant information, the Commission has addressed a request to the Cypriot authorities asking for detailed information on the legal provisions and practices regulating and operating in this sector.

The Commission will take the necessary measures if it can establish the existence of infringement of EU law.

Editor’s Comment

Everyone knows there are huge problems in Cyprus with property developers exploiting loopholes in the law to make massive profits for themselves.

I sincerely hope that the European Commission’s investigations will force the Cyprus government to put an end to these despicable practices and punish the offenders.

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