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Home prices in Cyprus fall

THE latest BuySell Home Price Index indicates that the average price of a property in Cyprus fell during the first quarter of 2009. However, the BuySell figures conflict

Supreme Court rules town planning council illegal

The Court’s ruling has created chaos in the Cyprus property market causing prices to collapse in many areas.

In Cyprus size does matter!

An inspection of the holiday home by a professional, independent surveyor confirmed that its covered area was more than 15% smaller than its advertised size – this means it had been oversold and overvalued by a figure in excess of €30,000.

Paphos timeshare touts out of control

Aggressive timeshare touts in Paphos are hassling guests inside top-class hotels along the seafront in a desperate attempt to drum up new business.

Cyprus Title Deeds: an avenue of hope?

If the property you have bought in Cyprus does not have a separate Title Deed, then you may wait for a long time for its transfer to your name.

Cyprus building permits Jan 2009

According to the latest figures on building permits, published by the Cyprus Statistical Service, investment activity in the construction sector is showing signs of recovery.

Government inaction over Title Deeds is irresponsible

The Cyprus government’s handling of the Title Deed problems could not have been worse. It made promises to interested parties that it could not keep.

Outraged property buyers call for direct action

We are fed up with empty talk, false promises and being fed lie after lie. We need to be taking direct action against a corrupt system that puts profit above honest people.

Property prices in Cyprus will stop surging

A study prepared by the Economic Research Unit anticipates that the surges in Cyprus property prices will stop in the next few years.

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