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28th January 2023
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Hatton dream turns into nightmare

DEREK Hatton’s company that sold property in Cyprus is no longer in business, although his rental and management company is continuing as usual. According to a report in the Mail Online his company has been credit-crunched.

Commenting on his business failure, Hatton said “No one is going to suffer – except me, that is. The developers are still building the developments concerned, and they are responsible for the sites, which will be completed on time.

The problem was, sales have plummeted. But I’m confident about the actual area. Things will improve by this autumn.

Hatton propelled himself back into the headlines earlier this year during an interview with Nathan Morley for the Cyprus Mail. Referring back to his days in politics Nathan asked whether Hatton had “warmed to Mrs. Thatcher, now she is an old lady?

Outspoken as always, Hatton replied “The worst thing that happened was Thatcher’s mother didn’t get an abortion.

Hatton’s comments were widely reported in the UK media where his chequered past was once again brought to public attention. It seems his remarks failed to impress potential investors!

Hatton’s Cyprus property company, Morpheus Investments Limited, is reported to have collapsed owing creditors nearly £400,000. Named after the god of dreams from Greek mythology, Hatton’s dream has turned into a nightmare.


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