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September start for Limassol marina

According to the Mayor of Limassol, Andreas Christou “The construction of the Limassol Marina is of national importance to Cyprus as it will benefit the city’s trade and economy”.

Speaking before the House Committee the Cyprus Minister of Commerce, Antonis Paschalides, said that the construction of the Limassol marina will start in early September.

Mr. Paschalides admitted that there were delays in the coordination of the competent services but the problems have been overcome and any new delays from now on will not concern the government.

The Minister also referred to the delay from the government’s failure to secure loans of the investors who undertook the construction of the marina.

About the issue, Chairman of the Limassol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Demetris Solomonides said that the joint venture had asked by the government to guarantee the loans so as to secure lower interest rates by the banks. “This was not accepted by the government although it could do it since guarantees concerned the vessels’ anchoring, which would not be exploited by the businessman since it would be returned to the state after 53 years“, he said.

The good thing is that the joint venture proceeded with negotiations with the banks and secured loans to start the construction. It is a project that will help not only Limassol but the entire country too“, he said.

Limassol Mayor, Andreas Christou said that the construction of the Limassol Marina is of national importance to Cyprus as the city’s trade and economy will benefit.

Things could have been developed faster, however, time can be gained and the project can be a model for the construction of the other marinas that will follow“, he added.

Although the members of the Committee appeared satisfied for the course of the project, the MPs from Famagusta Municipality expressed their discontent for the delays in the construction of the Ayia Napa marina.

One of the problems concerns the road that splits private properties and the citizens who have filed legal actions. “So long as there are cases before the court, the state services must respect it“, Mr. Paschalides said.

The second obstacle was the General Auditor’s report according to which new tenders must be made. “It has been six years since the only tender was made and negotiations have not started yet. It will be regarded as a direct assignment to one and only businessman and this is forbidden by the law“, she said.

The issue is currently under examination by the Attorney General, who is called to give a solution.

Chairman of the Committee, Lefteris Christoforou told the Minister that he will accept no delay for the Ayia Napa marina and he will send a letter to the President of the Republic asking ways to start the construction of the marina at the same time as that in Limassol.

The municipality of free Famagusta is always unprivileged and no big project has been constructed in the past 20 years. Also, it is unjustifiable to delay projects that contribute to the island’s economy in the middle of the economic crisis“, he concluded.

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