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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Cyprus at number seven in Top of the Props

CYPRUS has moved up three places from number 10 to number 7 in the July 2009 Top of the Props chart published by

The most popular investment destination for British overseas property buyers was the USA, which pushed last month’s number 1, Spain, into second place. These were followed by France and Portugal, in third and fourth places.

Turkey sneaked into fifth place, followed by Italy and Cyprus at six and seven. Rounding off July’s Top of the Props chart was Bulgaria in eighth place, followed by the UAE. Egypt took the final place in the lineup, coming in tenth.

1USA14.02Up 11 month in top spot
2Spain11.46Down 1
5Turkey5.69Up 2
6Italy5.12Down 1
7Cyprus2.93Up 3
8Bulgaria2.63Up 5New to top 10!
9UAE2.51Down 3
10Egypt2.09Down 1
11Thailand1.62Up 11
12Greece1.54Down 1
13Malaysia1.52Up 7
14Morocco1.49Up 1
15Germany1.29Up 1
16Brazil1.27Down 8
17Australia1.27Down 3
18Grenada0.72Up 15
19Philippines0.67Up 8
20Canada0.67Up 3
21Croatia0.65Down 3
22Sweden0.55Down 3
23India0.5Up 6
24Hungary0.5Up 16
26Dominican Republic0.4Down 2
27Panama0.35Down 10Biggest faller
28New Zealand0.35Up 10
29Indonesia0.32Up 15
30Romania0.32Down 4
31South Africa0.27Up 17Highest climber
32Austria0.27Highest New Entry
33Costa Rica0.27Down 3
35St Lucia0.22Up 14
36Barbados0.2Down 5
37Albania0.15Down 5
38Ireland0.15New Entry
39Poland0.12Down 2

IN A SEPARATE survey published by, Cyprus has moved up one place to number 8.

Property in Spain has replaced property in Portugal, as the most searched for destination to buy a home abroad based on country page views, and property views, on their website over the past month.

Elsewhere, Greece property has risen from fourth to third, Italy property has fallen a position to fourth, French property is up a place to fifth, Turkey property is down a place to sixth, USA property has gone up from eighth to seventh, Cyprus property is up a place to eighth, Thailand property is down from seventh to ninth, while Egypt property retains tenth spot.

Here are the top 10 most searched for destinations in which to buy a home overseas at the moment, last month’s position in brackets:

  1. Spain (2nd)
  2. Portugal (1st)
  3. Greece (4th)
  4. Italy (3rd)
  5. France (6th)
  6. Turkey (5th)
  7. USA (8th)
  8. Cyprus (9th)
  9. Thailand (7th)
  10. Egypt (10th)

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