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Number 10 replies to Cyprus petitioners

More than 2,000 people added their names to a UK Government’s Number 10 e-petition urging the Prime Minister to exert pressure on the Government of Cyprus to protect property rights.

Minister boldly goes where no-one has gone before

Given the poor state of Cyprus’ public finances, the current government is putting much effort into resolving the Title Deed scandal. Whether it will succeed in resolving a problem that’s been around for 30 years or more remains to be seen.

Less than one in five has Title Deeds

According to a recent on-line poll conducted by the Cyprus Property News, less that one in five of those who have bought property on the island have their Title Deeds.

Paphos timeshare touts get violent

More than 18 months ago the Cypriot authorities were reported to be cracking down on timeshare touts operating in Paphos. But it seems they have made little headway as instances of violence are now being reported.

Has McCarthyism come to Cyprus?

The Cyprus Interior Minister’s conviction that those campaigning for their property rights have ulterior motives is ridiculous. It is inconceivable that a senior government minister could believe such bizarre conspiracy theories about a chronic problem for which the island’s authorities are entirely to blame.

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