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Thursday 6th August 2020
Home News Report on destruction of sea caves at Paphos

Report on destruction of sea caves at Paphos

Pegia sea caves on the west cost of Cyprus north of Paphos
Peyia sea caves on the west cost of Cyprus north of Paphos

ALLEGATIONS of destruction and illegal activities in the sea cave area of Paphos have been confirmed by an environmental report.

Cypriot Deputy George Perdikis announced that an investigation carried out by the state environmental protection agency found numerous cases of illegal activity at the Paphos beauty spot.

The case was brought to light after local residents complained about the destruction.

Large amounts of construction and demolition waste have been dumped in the area and pipes leading to the sea have also been laid. These were found next to a new building site.

In addition, other works, which provide easier access to the sea, were also apparent.

Perdikis expressed his astonishment that so much illegal activity could take place in one area and urged the relevant government departments to apply the law to ensure the environment was protected.

Andreas Evlavis, the Paphos district secretary of the Green Party told the Cyprus Mail, “It seems as if no-one is taking responsibility here. The mayor of Peyia has passed the buck onto the district office, saying any action is down to them. It all appears to be a game.

“The environmental agency could punish the culprits but it appears that even they’re not doing anything about the dire situation.”

“As well as causing irreparable damage to rock formations, they had also laid large pipes going into the sea.”

Evlavis said, “Someone has made a path into the sea, a small harbour and wave breakers and there are also pipes in place. Who knows what they might be carrying.”

Evlavis pointed out that although the complaint of the Greens has been proved, this provides little relief for the situation.

“Our worry is over what will happen now. The area mustn’t be left like this. We want it to be returned to its former state, and the punishment side is down to the law.”

Evlavis suggested a comprehensive solution by the mayor, the government and local authorities to “keep their eyes and ears open” as concerns Cyprus coastline. He believes the only option open now is to use inspectors who would visit coastal areas such as Chlorakas, Peyia, Emba and Kissonerga on a daily basis and carry out extensive checks.

“We need to prevent disasters from occurring and not to try and fix something which has already occurred. If we don’t do something now, day by day the coastal areas of Paphos will be destroyed.”

The sea caves area of Paphos is regarded as one of the most splendid areas of Paphos and Evlavis believes it is “slowly but surely being destroyed”.

The Paphos District Office representative for beaches, Andreas Charalambous, was equally upset.

“I have been to see this problem for myself and it’s terrible.”

He stressed, “I believe that my bosses are aware of the case and have handed the file over to the police, and then the matter will go to court.”

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