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Finding lawyers in Cyprus

People buying property in Cyprus are generally unaware of the island’s different business culture and the fact that many lawyers work for the developers’ interests rather than those of the buyers.

mistake THE MOST COMMON mistake people make when buying property in Cyprus is to use a lawyer who has been introduced or recommended to them by a property developer, while others fall into the trap of using their so-called ‘free’ legal services.

To help avoid legal problems and reduce the risks associated with buying property on the island, it is vital that you take legal advice from a source that is independent from anyone else involved in the transaction, particularly the seller, before purchasing property. And it is essential that you do not sign any papers or hand over any money until you have done so.

Attempting to save money on professional fees by cutting corners, or by using the seller’s lawyers, is a false economy that can result in severe problems later.

To help prospective buyers avoid the rogues and conmen that plague the property industry, the British High Commission publishes a list of lawyers who are able to give advice in English. All the lawyers listed are covered by professional liability insurance.

Visit the British High Commission’s website for the latest issue.

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