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Cyprus Bar Association rejects Title Deed proposals

There is concern that the amendments will not solve the problem, but add to it. It is therefore our recommendation with all respect, to oppose the three amending bills which will lead us into a labyrinth without solving the problem.

Property group condemns Title Deeds laws

Just how much damage to the economy, the image of Cyprus and people’s lives will have been caused before the Government shoulders its responsibilities and resolves the Title Deeds issue once and for all?

Cyprus property sales: November 2009 report

Falling property sales in Cyprus continue to add to the islands economic woes. The latest figures to come out of the Cyprus Land and Surveys Department reveal that property sales have halved this year compared to last.

Dark days ahead for Cyprus

Businesses and households in Cyprus are facing the most difficult three years in the last thirty, according to the autumn forecasts released yesterday by the European Commission in Brussels.

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