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Cyprus property tax hike attacked

The Cyprus Democratic Rally Party’s Vice President, Averof Neophytou, has attacked the proposed tax hike on property calling it a tax raid by the government on 90% of Cypriot citizens.

Mr Averof Neophytou

COMMENTING on the intended increase in the tax on property, Cyprus Democratic Rally Party’s (DISY) Vice President, Averof Neophytou talked about a “tax-raid” from the government against 90% of Cypriot citizens.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, Mr Neophytou said that DISY will be a shield of protection of the Cypriot citizens and it will oppose to this “tax-raid”.

The values of land in 2010 are 20 times higher than those of 1980 and this means that the Cypriot citizen who currently pays a tax on real estate of €1,000, next year he will be called to pay €20,000”, Mr. Neophytou said.

This policy will not only hit 90% of the Cypriot citizens, since first of all it will hit the employees in the construction industry, who will be the next victims in the “list of unemployment””, he noted.

The left government of Mr. Christofias and AKEL (the Progressive Party for the Working People) try a class struggle”, he added.

Mr Neophytou was also reported as saying that it is the people’s obligation and decision to oppose this measure.

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