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Tuesday 22nd June 2021
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Cyprus overseas property market collapse

IT seems hard to believe that in 2007 the Cyprus property market was extremely buoyant with the number of properties being sold to non-Cypriot buyers reaching an all time high of more than 11,000.

But since that time the global financial crisis, the fall in the value of Sterling, the Title Deed fiasco, and reports of developers abusing property laws making headlines in the UK have all precipitated a collapse in sales of property to foreigners. And it is the British in particular who have all but deserted the island in search of safer places to invest their money.

Media reports

The first major UK media report on the problems appeared on 24th October 2007. Watched by millions of viewers in the UK, the Channel 4 TV show “Selling Houses Abroad” showed Andrew Winter on a mission to help British home buyers who were having major problems.

This was followed by more reports appearing in the national UK press, questions being raised in the House of Lords and the European Parliament, and the establishment of the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG).

The Cyprus government has been extremely slow in resolving the issues. Indeed, one of those interviewed by Andrew Winter during the making of his program is still fighting his case in the Cyprus courts!

Overseas property sales

Earlier today, figures released by the Department of Lands and Surveys reveal that the number property contracts of sale deposited at Land Registry offices throughout Cyprus by non-Cypriots fell by 73% last year compared to 2008. Famagusta was the worst hit area with sales falling by 81%, followed by Larnaca with a fall of 80%, Paphos with 75% Limassol 62% and Nicosia 44%.

However, when you compare 2009 sales with those of 2007, the situation is even worse. Over the last two years property sales to non-Cypriots have fallen by a colossal 84%. Once again, Famagusta is the worst hit area with sales falling by a massive 90%, followed by Paphos with a fall of 89%, Larnaca with 84%, Limassol with 70% and Nicosia 55%.

Number of Properties Sold to Non-Cypriots between 2000 and 2009
Nicosia Famagusta Larnaca Limassol Paphos Total
2000 10 31 33 89 287 450
2001 3 85 54 145 920 1,207
2002 40 289 133 246 1,840 2,548
2003 59 644 331 385 2,562 3,981
2004 90 1,183 635 566 2,910 5,384
2005 151 1,379 755 586 3,614 6,485
2006 339 1,758 1,149 967 4,142 8,355
2007 483 2,480 1,950 1,397 4,971 11,281
2008 390 1,285 1,605 1,083 2,273 6,636
2009 219 249 314 415 564 1,761
Total Sales 1,784 9,383 6,959 5,879 24,083 48,088

Source: Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys

Sales of property to non-Cypriot buyers 2000 to 2009

Reversing the collapse

A major factor in reversing the collapse in the property market is the ability of the Cyprus Government to develop, introduce and enforce effective legislation to deal with the many problems.

Proposals to resolve the Title Deed issue have been put forward by the Minister of the Interior, Neoclis Sylikiotis. But the Cyprus Bar Association has publicly called for three of the five bills proposed to be opposed, George Strovolides the President of the Cyprus Property and Landowners Association (KSIA) remains sceptical, and CPAG believes that the new laws will not resolve the unethical lending practices of the banks that contribute to the situation.

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