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Cyprus government extends water saving subsidies

The Cyprus government’s Water Development Department (WDD) has announced the continuation of various subsidy schemes in its drive to promote water saving which have now been extended until 6th December 2010.

THERE is a €3,000 subsidy for the installation of a system to recycle grey water (water used in the bath, wash-basins and laundries, but not toilets or the kitchen sink). The recycled water could be used for the irrigation of gardens.

Besides households, the scheme applies to schools, sports grounds, gyms, hotels etc, which are connected to a public water supply network and a central sewage system.

The subsidy for premises other than private houses covers 40% of the total cost to a maximum of €7,000.

Another subsidy scheme covers the drilling of a borehole for irrigation of gardens in private houses connected to a public water supply system. The amount of the subsidy is €700. There is a further €700 subsidy scheme for connecting the borehole to the toilet flush.

The WDD offers another scheme for the installation of a hot water circulation pump available for houses, offices, shops and foundations, worth €220.

Applications for all four schemes should reach the Water Development Department by December 6, 2010.

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  • chandresh Patel says:

    Hi I was looking at your article on water subsidies , when I contacted the relevant water organisation they requested deeds for the villa , which I currently don’t have.

    Is there any way of getting round this. Also what is the cost of installing a recycling water system thanks.


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