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Property rights campaigner in court

Denis O’Hare, the Cyprus property rights campaigner, has appeared in a court in Paphos and is contesting the a writ moved against him by Armonia Estates Ltd and Pantelis Leptos, vice-chairman of Leptos Group and Marketing Director of Leptos Estates.

DENIS O’HARE appeared in the Paphos District Court last Thursday and is contesting the writ moved against him by Armonia Estates Ltd and Pantelis Leptos. Mr O’Hare who was joined in the courtroom by some 25 supporters of the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG).

Last month, the court instructed Mr O’Hare to cease publishing a page on the Cyprus Property Action Group’s website that was allegedly libellous of Armonia Estates. This precipitated the closure of the CPAG website to avoid similar retaliation being taken by other developers referred to on the site.

As well as collecting information about problems that property buyers were experiencing, the Cyprus Property Action Group website contained case studies and articles describing the various scams allegedly perpetrated by numerous property developers and lawyers on the island.

A statement issued by Leptos Estates in response to an earlier article on the ‘gagging order’ against Mr O’Hare said “…it is our duty to take all appropriate actions in order to safeguard our company’s reputation.”

O’Hare and his lawyers were given two weeks to present written grounds for opposing the earlier court ruling. The next hearing is scheduled to take place on Friday, 11th June.

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  • John S. says:

    I believe we shouldn’t focus on a particular side of a problem and lose the whole picture. I only hope our reactions mobilize the official authorities and speed up their job. The faster they issue a title deed, the better for the firm, the client and of course, the cypriot economy. I really think it is a matter of political will and status. I hope the government will realise that shortly.

    John S.

  • caroline says:

    Denis you deserve a medal. If justice is on this island you will win. Many complain and do nothing, you have acted on behalf of a lot of people and everyone should support you at this time.

    Its not just about title deeds its also about Human Rights.

    Its is about time things changed here and I think about time it all was published globally and prove to those who are corrupt that they cannot get away with it any longer.

    These situations have solely been caused by corruption and dishonesty, lots of people have had their family lives destroyed their futures ruined.

    But when you have nothing left you can get no lower only go forward and things get better, and as the saying goes, the taller they are the harder they will fall, and what goes around comes around.FATE

    So lets see the big boys fall.

    Good Luck Denis

    We have hope because of people like you . xxxx

  • John S. says:

    Dear friend,
    The problem isn’t just between a land developer and a citizen. If we focus on that, we risk losing the whole picture. The particular case should be used as a top-class-opportunity to reform the system of issuing deeds in Cyprus. It is not a matter of land developers, it is mainly an opportunity for the official authorities to refurnish their procedures and speed up their job. So, instead of putting woods to a fire, we should unite our voice, hoping that the Official State will hear us.

    John S.

  • Jayone says:

    Denis is honest, honourable, brave and courageous and ceaselessly on behalf of others without regard to himself.

    He deserves the full support of us all.

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