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Property rights campaigner to appear in court

Cyprus property rights campaigner Denis O’Hare has been summonsed to appear in the Paphos District Court following a writ moved against him by Armonia Estates Ltd, part of the Leptos Group, which earlier precipitated the closure of the Cyprus Property Action Group website.

We have not learnt our lesson

George Mouskides, airs his views on some of the issues besetting the Cyprus property market and issues a call to action by the state to deal with these issues before matters get out of hand.

Opinion: Cyprus Title Deed law changes

Will the latest changes to the Cyprus Title Deed laws currently before parliament untie the ‘Gordian Knot’ as the Minister of the Interior has stated they would? Although they will bring relief to some people, it appears that those who have been duped into buying mortgaged property will be left to fend for themselves.

Bigger and more strident Cyprus campaign group?

The recent writ against Denis O’Hare which led to the closure of the Cyprus Property Action Group website could result in the setting up of a bigger more strident organisation to campaign for the rights of property buyers in Cyprus.

Changes to Cyprus Title Deed laws revealed

A senior Department of Lands and Surveys official has revealed the changes to the laws of Cyprus designed to untie the ‘Gordian Knot’ preventing the issue of some 130,000 Title Deeds to properties on the island.

Cyprus property sales statistics (April 2010)

Property sales in April indicate that the recovery of the Cyprus property market may have faltered, although it is not clear why this has occurred.

Protester vows to fight Cyprus legal action

The leader of a property owners’ group in Cyprus has vowed to defend himself against legal action taken by a developer.

Cyprus Bar Association to mull over landmark ruling

Following last month’s landmark Supreme Court ruling, the Cyprus Bar Association is to meet and decide what position to take on the matter.

Title Deed solution soon?

Yesterday, the Cyprus parliament began discussions on the bills that aim to put an end to the difficulties faced by Cypriot and foreign property buyers in acquiring their Title Deeds.

Building permit numbers in Cyprus (February 2010)

Latest figures from the Cyprus Statistical Service show that building permits for the construction of 1,691 residential properties were authorised in February 2010.

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