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Cyprus deal targets Scandinavian buyers

A Cypriot developer has signed an exclusive deal with one of Norway’s largest agents in hope of cashing in on growing demand from Scandinavian buyers.

NORSK Megling will promote Aristo Developers’ stock in Cyprus, alongside its existing portfolio of homes across Europe, the US and Brazil.

Aristo has seen growing interest from the Scandinavian market over the last four months, according to the firm’s marketing manager, Panayiotis Michaelides.

We see that Norway’s economy has been particularly resilient during the financial crisis with a relatively shallow recession and moderate increase in unemployment,” he said.

Our exclusive partner, Agnar D. Carlsen, managing director of Norsk Megling, strongly believes the same as we do – Aristo and Norsk Megling joining forces can achieve quite good results under the given circumstances.

Aristo has been selling to Scandinavian buyers for the last eight years, and has had an affiliate office in Stocholm, Sweden, for four years.

In light of the fact that we are now about to launch some new signature projects we strongly feel that we need to empower our position on these markets, Norway and Sweden being the two countries we believe have great potential for further growth,” said Michaelides.

Cyprus deal targets Scandinavian buyers

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  • peter says:

    Dream on, compare the prices in the US, Brazil and most of Europe. You can buy a proper house for the prices Aristo charge for a box.

  • Dave says:

    Hope they have their own lawyers!!!

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