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Aristo Developers subject of MEP question

Syed Kamall MEP

MEP Syed Kamall

I HAVE been contacted by a constituent who, in 2004, was introduced to Aristo Developers, one of Cyprus’ biggest land developers, about an off-plan development in Southern Cyprus, Limassol Star.

Following this introduction, my constituent, along with a number of others, bought a property off-plan in the Limassol Star development. The plans also detailed a range of communal facilities which my constituent understood would be provided as set out in the development plans. As the development of the site proceeded, it became clear that the communal facilities and layout had been significantly altered from the plans.

My constituent claims that Aristo Developers reduced the size of the swimming pool and surrounding grounds and that they also replaced the communal clubhouse with a small kiosk, so that they could make room for two more villas in what had been designated as a communal area.

My constituent believes that Aristo Developers changed the development plans without consulting property owners. He has since established a legal action group with fellow property owners to pursue this matter in the courts. The group have obtained an engineer’s report that confirms the changes to the site after they agreed the plans and an independent surveyor’s report outlining the effect these changes may have had on both the resale value and rental potential of their properties.

Could the Commission confirm if it can provide any support to my constituent with this matter or if it can advise him on whom to approach for support, given that the legal action group have met considerable resistance in progressing their case in the court in Cyprus.

Further reading: Land development in Cyprus written questions to European Commission E-4279/2010

About Syed Kamall

Syed Kamall has been an MEP for London since 2005 and has worked on several issues promoting individual liberty, limited government and free trade. Syed co-founded the Brussels Network monthly meetings, which brings together market-orientated think tanks, politicians and industry encouraging coalitions and ways of working together.