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Massive development planned for Cyprus

Plans for the largest development ever to be undertaken in Cyprus have come to light. We understand that the massive construction project, which will create 6,000 new jobs and attract more than half a million tourists each year, will get under way shortly.

IN AN EXCLUSIVE video report we can reveal that plans are under way for the construction of a massive real estate development on the coast of Cyprus.

Consultants working on behalf of a consortium of European investors believe that the development will provide outstanding opportunities for overseas property investors and will also bring many benefits to Cyprus. It will create 6,000 new jobs and attract more than half a million well-heeled tourists from the EU every year.

Although the precise location of the development has yet to be revealed, we believe it will cover an area of around 250 hectares and will most probably be situated on the coast somewhere between Paphos and Limassol.

If given the go ahead the development, codenamed ‘Papholand’, will be ”the most luxurious and exclusive development in the whole of the Mediterranean” according to the developer heading up the construction consortium.

In addition to luxury apartments, villas and housing complexes, the scheme includes a huge shopping mall, a 1,000 room luxury five star hotel, an artificial ski-slope, theatres, cinemas – and various other attractions including a central pillared structure to be known as the “Acropolis”.

Plans are also being drawn up for a marina that will provide berthing for 5,000 luxury yachts and an 18-hole championship golf course rivalling those of the Augusta National Golf Club, St Andrews and Turnberry.

Armed with a hidden camera, our undercover reporter managed to sneak into a project briefing and filed the following video report.

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  • Phil says:

    This is brilliant/fantastic and gets the message over very well. However it really does need a wider audience in order to facilitate its main aim. I am sure that YouTube would do the trick.

    Am I to assume that the object here was, other than taking the Michael, was to send out another clear message, warning potential buyers of the considerable risk involved.

    Placing it on YouTube might even provoke a positive response (sorry for a moment I was in Dreamland) not Papholand, but it was nice while it lasted.

  • @James – the ‘Papholand’ video can be downloaded by clicking with the right-hand button of your mouse on and then selecting ‘save as’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Graham says:

    I think that the enormous hole on the coast Road to Coral Bay in front of the unfortunate development which had it’s gardens disappear one day (and is supposed to be for the German store Lidl) is a secret underground bunker for when things get really tough in the Fourth Reich!

  • James JH lockhart says:


    We need the follow-up Cyprus lawyers, plus be able to download.

    Fourth Reich developers should be able to help.

  • Jay says:

    Ha ha that’s really funny and is a complete and true reflection of the property industry (where products are aimed at foreign investors) in Cyprus.

    The island economy will eventually suffer in the future as a result of the greed and guilt ridden developers and associates such as lawyers and agents!

    Moral of this story, Cyprus do not bite the hand that feeds both your tourist and property industries you morons as you will eventually pay the price through loss of tourists and investors!

  • Sid Hancock says:

    Brilliant! Best laugh I have had in ages.

  • frances w says:

    Absolutely brilliant, as an ex Cyprus pat I was rolling about. Just sympathise with those still left in the clutches of the property Mafiosi.

  • Apologies to those of you using Microsoft Internet Explorer who have been unable to view the video. The problem has now been corrected.

  • Kevin says:

    I wonder if an Italian sounding developer in Protaras has seen this clip. Reminds me of our development.

  • Mike says:

    Ahhh Tzoooo der zwei headed eagle mit four shoulders to shrug…. Jah?

  • Tom says:

    Fantastic, keep them coming, it should be on youtube.

    Widest possible shaming of the whole system please.

  • Anthony E. Rosato says:

    Absolutely first class. An effective portrayal of what is really going on in Cyprus.

  • kocky says:

    I like.. its telling it the way it is.. but not for much longer . welcome back cpag

  • Brian says:

    Many a true word spoken in jest!!!!!
    Love it.
    I thought there would be a theme park in there somewhere.
    Come on guys how about some names for the rides/attractions?
    Rip off land
    Nepotism World
    Title deed oblivion.

  • Mick in Erimi says:


    Absolutely priceless…..thanks and also a big thanks for the excellent work with this website


  • jon frazer says:

    Bravo! I knew that Forth-Reich Developers would come up with a master plan in the nick of time to save the fatherland!! Great stuff, thank you!

  • Denton Mackrell 'von der Bunker' says:

    Ein-tausend jahren CPAG! Bitte, ein Blitzkrieg gegen alles pocket-schickelgruber Hausermaklern in Zypern und ihren zwielichtigen Rechtsanwalten musst doch bestimmt jetzt kommen!

  • RP says:

    Those that are interested may reserve their dream home by placing a beach towel on the plot they like.

  • Gavin Jones says:

    Congratulations Nigel!!!!!

    Please, please, please can you do a full-length blockbuster in Cinemascope featuring the Attorney General, the Cyprus Bar Association, the Disciplinary Board (sic), Paphite lawyers & the entire Cypriot judiciary.

    No. I’m not asking you. As your Fuhrer, I’m ordering you!

  • colin biggs says:

    i didn’t realise he would be up for a deal with the arabs.

  • Robert on the Hill says:

    Priceless, Nigel. Well done!!

  • Richard says:

    I do hope the EU regulation bodies get to see this.

    Deliciously politically incorrect and about time we looked upon what goes on over there in the same light as what went on in Germany in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s – the parallels are there for sure!

    Two constants in the equation of humanity = greed & stupidity

  • Glyn Harris says:

    Great video, more of the same please and welcome back CPAG.

  • Mark says:

    Great – but this belongs to April 1st only.
    How to kill a european market in one easy step.

  • Tony says:

    Brilliant – pleased to see you have joined the spoof movie clip club.

  • whirlybird says:

    “Bravo” — I can imagine scenarios like this spoof taking part in the various offices throughout the Island, but, hopefully their days are numbered . Keep up the good work and grow to full strength, we don’t need to go underground to do it.

  • Stuart says:

    Unless there is Much Risk Involved with this development, where do I send my deposit?!

  • graham cockroft says:

    Fantastic, should be a gas !

  • john rigden says:

    I love it, can I sign up to buy off plan?

  • Jo says:

    I’d settle for getting Lidl’s open….

  • John Evans says:

    Absolutely brilliant it’s a pity you couldn’t wait until April the First.

  • Paul says:

    This is total madness in the current economic climate. As if there isn’t enough new development already, with a large proportion of it lying empty and unsold! Who exactly does the consortium expect to buy these properties? I suggest they take a look at the latest ***** ********* development recently completed in Peyia which was also touted ‘as offering outstanding opportunities for overseas investors’. The development stands almost completely deserted! This latest development is pure folly and one hopes will never come to fruition.

  • Frank says:


  • from Austria says:



  • Vah says:

    Excellent; I love the reference to ‘my cousin’!

  • Ypso says:

    Brilliant satire ! ! !

  • Simon says:


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