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AIPP set to launch new disciplinary code

SPEAKING exclusively to OPP this week, new Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) chief executive Professor Mark Sharp said “we are preparing to make a series of changes that will really boost the way in which we handle complaints about the industry.

The current system will be scrapped. “In the past AIPP has taken all responsibility for complaints,” says Sharp. “We tended to use a mediation process to handle the process and this used to take up huge amounts of time. It just wasn’t a good way to do things in terms of organisational efficiency.

Sharp is also concerned that handling everything in-house “left AIPP open to criticism.” He was worried that “you could argue that we ran a closed shop and that our process lacked independence.” Things were not as open and transparent as open as he would have liked.

In future, AIPP will outsource all complaints to The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. “They will look at the complaint from outside” says Sharp. “And they will bring a much better level of credibility. It will give us our independence back and free up AIPP staff time for other things.

The new process will be unveiled officially in the next few weeks.

Sharp is also in the process of rewriting the AIPP disciplinary code for members.

Editor’s comments

I know that a number of the property developers in Cyprus who are members of AIPP are involved in some dubious practices, including selling property built on land that they have mortgaged to the bank. Hopefully the AIPP’s new complaint handling procedure and disciplinary code will result in these developers being thrown out of the Association and help to put an end to their nefarious practices.

(Earlier this year Professor Mark Sharp from Key Housing affordable home developers took over from Paul Owen as AIPP’s Chief Executive; he is also a Professor at the University of Salford.)