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12th August 2022
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Interior Minister surrounded by corrupt advisors

Cyprus Interior Ministare Mr Neoclis Sylikiotis
Neoclis Sylikiotis the Cyprus Minister of the Interior - Source:

WE have great respect for the Minister of Interior who is genuinely trying his best to fix the mess that has been created in the uncontrolled property sector. Unfortunately, he is surrounded by incompetent and corrupt advisors who would rather Mr Sylikiotis gets wrong information than uncover their own interests.

A year ago, he promised that tens of thousands of Title Deeds would be pushed through a fast-track system in order to lessen the burden on the Town Planning Dept. and appease the concerns of many citizens who are unsure if they will ever get Title Deeds for their permanent, retirement or holiday homes. Little has happened since then.

Then came the fuss from a “disgruntled group” of property buyers who kept on insisting that there are crooked developers, corrupt lawyers and incompetent public officials who are giving Cyprus a bad name by double selling properties or running off with the initial depositor’s money. Mr Sylikiotis and the Attorney General got insulted, perhaps because the complaints came from a bunch of “bloody foreigners” who saw wrong in every action that we, in Cyprus, shrug our shoulders and have taken for granted as “C’est la vie”.

Unfortunately, all these property owner groups, including the ones harassed by respectable property developers, will now declare to Mr Sylikiotis: “We told you so!”

Has the case of the single property developer who made news headlines last week for being caught 1 over several scams, been allowed to leak in order to become the scapegoat for the bigger crooks who are getting away?

When will Mr Sylikiotis apologise to the disgruntled owners, roll up his sleeves and get going with serious reforms in the Town Planning Department? Does he not realize that by the delay in the property reforms and amnesty packages, he is depriving the state coffers tens if not hundreds of millions in fresh revenue?

Please don’t tell us that last week’s revelation of the crooked developer was a “solitary case” and that all else is fine in the property sector. We don’t need an apologetic Neoclis Sylikiotis constantly on the defensive, covering up other peoples’ mess. We need to see the Interior Minister whom he trust and have great faith in taking charge and getting things done.

Perhaps also to whisper in the Attorney General’s ear to get off his high horse and take other allegations more seriously.

You have your brief summer vacation to think about it. We will be back…



  1. Ex-pats are always told that Cyprus is such a small island that everyone knows everyone else’s business so be careful what you do.

    Is it not strange that the people who caution ex-pats cannot see the corruption which is rife at all levels of national and local government? Maybe it’s a case of Nelson putting the telescope to the eye with the patch on it. The developer named and shamed last week was named and shamed a number of years ago but continued to practice his “profession”.

    The excuses are now wearing a little thin but evasion of the truth will continue until it impacts on the pockets of the hierarchy that reap the benefits. If we mix metaphors a little I’m sure I can hear a fiddle in the background.

  2. My guess is he wont do any thing untill outside pressure becomes to much to ignore. But don’t worry the developers will have another scheme in the pipeline along with the lawyers to rob / defraud us.

  3. Here! Here!

    It’s very good of Neoclis Sylikiotis, the Cyprus Interior Minister to come clean about his advisers etc. on this debacle.As you say Nigel I hope he keeps the momentum going and perhaps shame a few of them to clean up their act and become honest and less greedy. If not make way for someone who is?
    (Is this possible here???)


  4. I find it difficult to believe that the minister of the interior does not know about all the corrupt developers, lawyers & other scams. If he needs advisors to tell him, he should not be in the government.

    As usual, nobody has the will or power to push through meaningful legislation to effect real change. It will not be until the property market is in collapse, that someone will find the intestinal fortitude to actually do something constructive. Papering over the cracks, just will not do.

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