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25th February 2024
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Briton in property dispute takes protest to Palace

THE bizarre twists and turns in Conor O’Dwyer’s quest for justice took a further step today when he started a protest outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia.

Mr O’Dwyer intends to remain outside the Palace until October 4 when he is due in court to face criminal proceedings concerning allegations made on his website The proceedings were apparently sanctioned by the Island’s Attorney General and in a statement to this magazine, O’Conor said that he believed they were “an attempt to intimidate, silence and prevent me from pursuing my rights through the courts in Cyprus”.

O’Dwyer’s court cases against his developers have been dragging on for more than four years through the Cypriot judicial system. They resulted from a decision by the Attorney General not to start proceedings against his developers in spite of strong prima facie evidence that O’Dwyer’s developer had fraudulently sold the house he was buying for a second time.


In 2008, Mr O’Dwyer spent 74 nights sleeping rough for justice in a tiny tent outside the Cypus diplomatic mission in London; only relenting when he when he received a court date for an assault he suffered in January 2008. That case is still being heard in a Cypriot court.

He has also staged several protests at overseas property exhibitions in the UK designed to highlight his plight and to warn others of the risks of buying property in Cyprus.

Mr O’Dwyer told me that his lawyers have notified the Police and the British High Commission about his protest and that he intends to remain outside the Presidential Palace until his court case continues on Monday.