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Thursday 16th July 2020
Home Letters Conor O’Dwyer and his quest for justice

Conor O’Dwyer and his quest for justice

I returned home on Wednesday for what is pretty much just a long weekend. I will head back Monday and prepare for George Pittadjis on stand Wednesday morning (Private Criminal Case against Karayiannas and Michelle McDonald). Then in the afternoon should be the verdict for the second assault.

Some folks have kindly emailed concerned over the criminal case against me. I’m happy to say that these concerns are unfounded. I’ll publish the indictment later but in any event you do have the right in Cyprus as in the UK to record your business calls and publish them if they are in the public interest. If it were not the case then TV programmes such as ‘Rogue Traders’, ‘Watchdog’, ‘Builders from hell’, ‘Panorama’ etc would not exist and the public would fall foul of scams more often.

Below is part of the high court decision in Cyprus which sets precedent for recording your business calls and meetings. The bad guys and prosecutors know this already hence this case is frivolous, vindictive and without merit. But every cloud has a silver lining and I’m looking forward to cross examining the people who bring this case against me (Michelle Anglou and Marios Karayiannas).

On the first occasion we had Marios Karayiannas under cross examination (2006 assault – Civil action) he completely contradicted the affidavit he published in which they called me a blackmailer. I will make sure he faces a perjury charge once that case has concluded.

Now that “publishing an insulting message” is worth the tax payers money, then that also means I can photocopy the indictment against me, change my name for theirs and their lawyers and press for a criminal charge. See the ‘Karayiannas Saga’ on my ‘Klydes Law Firm’ page.

[TRIANTAFYLLIDES, P., Pikis, Kourris, JJ.]
(January 30, 1986)
(Criminal Appeals Nos. 4620 – 4621)

3. The right to privacy as framed by Article 15.1 confined to personal and family matters, which are those immediately connected with the person, necessary for the preservation of his individuality. If his actions affect others, he cannot claim the protection of Article 15.1, unless the relationship between them is confidential, in the sense explained in the case of Georghiades, supra.

4. Trading and business activities are not of their nature personal matters. The relationship between trader and customer is commercial, not confidential.

Conor O’Dwyer

Editors notes

Mr O’Dwyer made two videos during his one-man protest outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia

Further reports to follow.



    SHAME ON the scum bag Lawyer of Paralimni……

    SHAME ON the dumb ass developer ……

    Both lawyer & developer only have themselves to blame for this fiasco they have had countless opportunities to sort this out over a 4 year period, long before it went this far.

    So why didn’t they just give O’Dwyer his money back?

    Well now its too late for that & its only due to their own dumb ignorance they SHOULD BE facing seven years for their part in the illegal resale of O’Dwyer’s house alone.

    O’Dwyer had his property in the Lands Registry, they chose to withhold all his money & resell it.

    Is this FRAUD what Cyprus wants to be known for?

    So why didn’t lawyer & Developer agree to remove his title & return his money. They obviously felt no fear of justice ever prevailing in Cyprus.

    There can be no other reason.

    Yes these thugs decide to do business differently!!!
    They defame him publicly, publishing he is a blackmailer, sell his house twice, kick the s**t out of him twice, they attempt to silence him, grind him down by keeping all his money, he will give up eventually, surely & just walk away like all the others did……

    But he hasn’t…. And now the whole industry is on the rocks!!!!!

    The thugs last hope is an inept legal system, OR IS IT???


    I hope like many other victims hope, that justice can finally prevail, with both lawyer and developer made a clear example of for the entire industry!

    Let Cyprus start to clean up its act NOW. They are supposed to be an EU member! Cyprus this is your opportunity to prove your EU worthyness & show justice does exist here.

    The eyes of the world are watching and waiting for judgement day, so no more false dawns or adjournments let justice be done AND SEEN TO BE DONE.

    Good luck to you CONOR O’Dwyer & your family.

  2. I have followed your ‘Fight for Justice’ and your strength & determination is to be commended. I support you & your family 100%.

    The Cypriot legal system is a disgrace and it takes people like you to bring this into the spotlight.

    Thank you for your relentless hard work highlighting the Cyprus property laws and exposing the corrupt ways.

    Your brave campaign has exposed this shocking system for what it really is and helped prevent others fall victim to this ‘scam’. THANK YOU.

    All that remains is for you to get the justice you truly deserve.

    Lets hope the end is near.

  3. I agree with every comment. Conner deserves every one’s full support.

    Why not send Conors story to your Euro MP and your own. That way you are not just unhappy buyer but one of thousands of unhappy buyers. The more people that complain the more chance Conor and the rest of us have for justice.

    Personally I would contribute to a fund to help Conor in his fight. Good words certainly help keep up his, and his familys spirits. But don’t pay legal bil,s or put food on his table. Any one care to join ?. Good luck and good wishes Conor.

  4. Conor – bring them to there knees.

    Good Luck in your quest for Justice and Truth..

    You can’t hold a Good Man Down !

  5. Hi Conor, I have enormous admiration for people like yourself who stand up to the bullies and wish you every success in court. All the best Glyn

  6. Conor’s persistence & courage are an inspiration.

    Really need more like him.

    There really isn’t much else to say.

  7. What the glossy brochures do not say.

    Developers start a site by taking deposits, then they build houses that they have not yet taken deposits on. This leaves the original deposit payers in limbo on unfinished sites, often with unfinished houses.

    Banks then give mortgages to developers on the value of the remaining land and the newly completed houses, which do not yet have buyers.

    Lawyers prepare contracts of sale for these latest houses and do not conduct encumbrance searches.

    Land registry accept these contracts and do not “flag up” the Banks pre existing charge on the land.

    Result Developers get Paid . Banks get their loans underwritten by unwitting buyers , Lawyers get paid for the original contract then they get paid again to try and sort the problem out. Land registry (THE BEST IN THE WORLD) collect taxes and Buyers get stuffed.


    Conor ! If only 1 percent of the people would stand up and be counted like you ,the authorities might just start to listen. GOOD LUCK MATE!

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