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Court finds Conor O’Dwyer’s attackers guilty

Cyprus property developers Christoforos Karayiannas, Marios Karayiannas and an employee of their company have been found guilty of causing British home buyer Conor O’Dwyer actual bodily harm as a result of their assault on him in January 2008.

Conor O'Dwyer recovering in hospital after savage beating

Conor O'Dwyer recovering in hospital after savage beating

CONOR O’Dwyer was assaulted in 2008 while gathering evidence for what is now a five-year legal battle with property developers Christoforos Karayiannas & Son Ltd of Paralimni.

The brutal attack left him hospitalised for six days while his attackers Christoforos Karayiannas, Marios Karayiannas and an employee of their company were released shortly after from jail.

Earlier today the presiding judge in the Famagusta Court, Evi Antoniou, found all three of the accused guilty of causing Mr O’Dwyer Actual Bodily Harm; they have been remanded in custody pending mitigation and sentencing on Monday. (In the UK, the maximum penalty for Actual Bodily Harm is five years imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine).

The prosecution team is considering an appeal to have the charges upgraded to Grievous Bodily Harm.

This assault case has been dragging on since January 2009 and has suffered numerous adjournments and delays. O’Dwyer camped outside the Cyprus High Commission in London for 74 days and nights in his quest for justice and has been forced to fly between his home in the UK and Cyprus on more than twenty occasions for this and other court cases. He recently protested outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia for four days. The costs involved and the strain on his family have been tremendous.

His last trip was on the 29th September but once again the case was adjourned as the judge was not ready to deliver a verdict and one of the accused failed to turn up in Court.

O’Dwyer has two further Court cases that he is pursuing in Cyprus:

  1. Civil case for breach of contract.
  2. Private criminal case of fraud in the unlawful selling of his house.

In addition, the authorities in Cyprus are proceeding with a criminal case against Mr O’Dwyer concerning information on his website; the next court date is scheduled for late November.

ITV Homes from Hell

The O’Dwyer case will be one of those featured in a new series of the ITV program ‘Homes from Hell’ which is scheduled for transmission in the UK during the summer of 2011.

Conor & Michaela O'Dwyer with ITV film crew outside the Cyprus High Commission in London today

Conor & Michaela O'Dwyer with an ITV film crew outside the Cyprus High Commission in London earlier today

As a well-known columnist from the Financial Mirror wrote on the 16th June 2010:

“The Conor O’Dwyer case has reached such a level of international notoriety it is difficult to see Cyprus ever living it down.”

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  • Miss Twinks says:

    The British Government are now taking a very strong interest in Conor’s case and are following it very closely, especially now his attackers have walked free from court.

  • CLAIRE says:


  • Gandolph says:

    There appear to have been several crimes committed against Conor and his family and not just by Christoforos Karayiannas & Son & mate.

    What they did was bad enough but it was compounded by a judicial system that blatantly did everything in it’s power to make it difficult (if not impossible) for Conor to pursue justice.

    And this in a country that has signed to all the rules and agreements of the EU.

    On top of everything else, Cyprus’s Attorney General has tried to stifle freedom of speech by trumping up some B/S charge that at one time prevented Conor from leaving the island and rejoining his wife and children. It’s not just Conor who’s been wronged in all this; it’s the good people of Cyprus who are being tainted by the antics of the state. But very little of this will get a mention in the Greek language press. I wonder why?

  • Matt says:

    I’ve just read a statement on

    “built his company with his bare hands”

    That’s not all he does with his ‘BARE HANDS’

    Conor – you’re much stronger than most people. You really are a true hero. Fighting for justice and what is rightfully yours and your families.

    God Bless You All..

  • paul ruse says:

    What can you say or write that has not been done before. Well done SIR you have set a very high standard to which others strive to achieve.

    Now is the time to support Conor and his family. Get onto your MP and Euro MPs and press for the case against Conor to be dropped and Conor to be compensated by the Cyprus government.

    Tell your local news papers, radio stations, spread the word. If you don’t no-one else will.

  • Costa Costas says:

    ABH what a joke!

    That’s not justice its another insult, this is the second time they have assaulted him!

    These thugs were so brash as to phone the police & tell them they were going to assault Conor.

    The three of them were so brave as to carry out the attack in broad daylight at a busy junction in Frenaros.

    They hospitalized Conor for six days……

    If they don’t serve serious jail time for hospitalizing him then its yet another: SHAME ON CYPRUS AS JUSTICE IS DENIED!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike says:

    We are indebted to you sir, Cypriot and British alike, for your bravery and your courage in the face of such adversity and the cowards who beat you. They should hang their heads in shame for bringing the name of Cyprus into disrepute.

    We can only now hope that the sentences handed to these traitors of Cyprus are as severe as can be in order to try and start to redress the balance. They obviously acted in the knowledge that they would be immune from the law.

    You are an example to us all.

  • Conor says:

    Hi Everyone,

    An update from us is well overdue. Nigels article above and the Cyprus Mail have accurately laid down the facts of yesterday and our lawyer Yiannos Georgiaides has made comment there.

    Last week in a letter hand delivered to the Presidential Palace I said I cannot risk coming to Cyprus during the school holidays only to hear of another delay in this assault case. Instead others will hear the verdict in our absence and my family will protest at the Cypriot High Commission in London and hear the verdict by phone.

    This is what transpired yesterday and Michaela and I truly appreciate those who witnessed the verdict on our behalf. We are indebted to you all. Your presence was phenomenal!

    At 8.30am my family arrived at St James’ Square and we were met by the ITV team. This was my first time back to St James’ since Mid October 2008 when I decamped my 74 day protest. I finished that protest shaking the hand of the High Commissioner satisfied that a court date had been set for the assault that took place that January. (and that the criminal investigation into the unlawful selling of our house was near completion)

    It was surreal to enter the Square this time with my family in tow. I saw many people who worked on the square who became neighbours in 2008. They were shocked that a resolution to our troubles was still outstanding. We set up the sign at the steps to the High Commissioner and greeted staff as they entered. About an hour and a half into the protest the Consul General came out and invited us in and over coffee we gave an update on our plight. During that meeting we were joined by the same High Commissioner whom I met in 2008. After that Michaela and I went back outside to wait for the phone call from Larnaca and do some more filming with ITV. It was nearly 1pm when the verdict came through and while I was speaking to my lawyer with ITV filming the High Commissioner was leaving the building and I relayed the disappointment in ABH to him there and then.

    We did another few hours filming and headed home.

    The feelings expressed on the internet are powerful and we are very grateful for those taking time to fight not only our corner but for those suffering in silence. To have these feelings expressed openly is great for justice in Cyprus.

    Today is our girls birthdays they were both born on the 28th five years apart for that reason we are keeping it short today but hope to post again soon.

    Thanks again. Your support is tremendous!


    Here are a couple of pics from yesterday. The signs we are holding read:-

    IS NOT A


    Almost 3 years
    still no Justice
    {hospital picture}
    “you deserved what you got”
    counsel for the accused

  • Bob Briggs says:

    Well Done Sir! You & your family are fine brave people. Regards, Bob Briggs.

  • Stuart says:

    Let’s hope that Conor has similar success with the two other cases he is pursuing in the Cyprus Court, although one swallow does not always make a summer.

    The case against him is almost certain to fail as a result of this success since the developer resorted to the use of physical violence to try to prevent him gathering evidence in support of his claim.

    The website ‘’ simply chronicles the events of this deeply disturbing experience and you cannot be found guilty of libel if the facts are true and can be substantiated.

    ‘Bring it on’ as the saying goes!

  • Dave says:

    Very glad of the outcome 20 return flights sounds like the usual Cyprus wear you down trend.

    Any expats or holiday makers that I know who have been ‘unlucky’ enough to get caught for speeding offences etc, always have always had their return flights checked so they they can be in court before they fly home, if they fly tomorrow they have a ‘on the spot’ fine.

    I wonder if O’Dwyer had put the Cyprus builder in hospital if it would have taken this long? I hope the court does the right thing this time and reimburses him his expenses.

  • Greg Gregory says:

    Excellent news. Conor is an inspiration to all that have been mistreated by thugs and con merchants masquerading as developers

  • James JH Lockhart says:

    Lets just wait till Monday to find what the Sentence is will it be a Slap on the Wrist ?

    Is there not enough evidence there now for the EU to take Action of what is Actually happening in Cyprus, Conor Who brave Stand is just one of many.

  • Frank says:

    Great News!

    Let’s hope that the trickle of long-awaited justice from the courts in Cyprus will soon turn into a flood.

  • Peter says:

    Cyprus will never live it down.

    As ‘bent as a nine bob note and not as sweet smelling’

    I hope all the British Newspapers report this case, I know in my home town of Stoke on Trent, the Conor O’Dwyer case is well known and publicised. It is the case that all the locals talk about when you mention Cyprus.

    I hope this is a turning point for a fair hearing in a Cyprus court, but somehow I doubt it.

    From what I have seen in the Paphos Court it is far to narcissistic to be neutral in a fair decision.

  • Steveo says:

    Great news Conor step one completed ! I salute you for not giving up you are an inspiration.

  • Andrew says:

    Justice at last. Let us hope that the courts hand down a proper punitive sentence and award substantial damages to Mr.O`Dwyer.

    Good luck for the rest of your battle!

  • Denis says:

    Some justice at last – well done Conor!

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