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28th November 2022
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Shots fired at British TV crew

Shots fired at British TV crew investigating property scams in Cyprus ACCORDING to reports in a number of Greek language newspapers, shots were apparently fired in the direction of a British TV crew filming in Cyprus for the upcoming ITV series ‘Homes from Hell’.

The incident occurred last Sunday when the crew travelled to Frenaros to film the property at the centre of the Conor O’Dwyer case. While filming at the rear of the house they heard gunfire and the sound of shotgun pellets landing in their vicinity.

At the front of the house the film crew were confronted by a number of men. They were told that they were on private property and were ordered to stop filming.

The TV crew reported the incident to the Famagusta Divisional Police Headquarters. But apparently the Police declined to visit the scene saying that the shots probably came from hunters in an area near the property where hunting is allowed.

We shall bring you more news on this story as it unfolds. The TV crew are flying back to the UK this evening and we hope to speak with them early next week.



  1. When this documentary comes onto our TV screens then is the time to get onto our MPs UK and Euro. It will be in the public domain, fresh in peoples minds. And now is the time to strike while it’s a hot topic. Now you the reader have time to prepare your case. Think about it, it’s on national TV so present yourself to your local TV station, Radio Station, Local News Paper. They will I suggest pick up on your story, it has local interest, it is a national problem but is has a local Face to know so it does affect you and the family down the road. Don’t forget Conor O’Dwyer story, so you are not just fighting for self interest but for others who may fall victim to the Cyprus property market, you don’t know who they are but they are there.

  2. I hope no one was hurt but this does not come as a surprise to anyone who owns property in Cyprus.

    As a Cyprus property “owner” (nearly forgot about the developer mortgage I never new I had) regrettably I think this is one of the best things to have happened. Hopefully Homes from Hell will broadcast these events, bring the industry to its knees and the Government to it’s senses and sort the problem.

    Our houses are now un-saleable anyway so spread the word about how corrupt the Cyprus property market is and hope for the recovery in 20 years.

  3. I hope the experiences of the ITV crew lead to the TV channel giving full exposure to the goings-on in Cyprus. I hope that viewing the programme persuades a large number of UK buyers to steer clear of Cyprus, which would help us all in the battle for a decent property purchase and transfer system.

    I expect that as soon as the Pound recovers its value against the Euro (if it ever does), UK buyers will be falling over themselves to buy off-plan rubbish just like they did before. At least that might give some of us the chance to sell and get out of here.

  4. I heard that Cyprus was the safest country in the world when I bought my apartment off-plan 3 years ago.
    Now it is a beautiful place, but I have just heard that there has been a break-in on the development. I am concerned about whether my apartment will be next.

    I never tell my husband what I read here as he would really worry. I just delete it before he sees it.

    Why has Cyprus gone so quickly downhill?

  5. The police in Cyprus would not be interested anyway, I have been going to Cyprus long enough to know there is one law for the locals and another law for outsiders .

    You only have to hang around Paralimni at night at the weekend to see it , youngsters fly around the streets on bikes up on one wheel racing round the streets with no Helmets on some times the wrong way on a one way street, making really loud noise with reving the engines till the early hours of the morning.

    This has been going on as long as I have been going to the internet cafe in Paralimini for the last 6 years, I have to put the head phones on sometimes to drown out the noise they make .

  6. And the Greek Cypriots have the cheek to accuse the Turkish Cypriots of being thieves and bandits.
    Is this a sign of the pot calling the kettle black?

  7. Rubbish response from the police, typical. This murderous bunch of parasites wanting putting down.

  8. Slowly but surely I start to dislike going this once lovely Island where I have spent many summer vacations for years
    with family and friends.

    They all remember lovely days – days which have gone….

    Gradually every year I had to experience a sort of dishonest behaviour. By all means…

    I still own a small property in Paphos but I did not go there for years, I no longer invite friends….

    I am fed up from apologizing Cypriots rude and disagreeable manners…

    Sorry, but that`s how it is for the time being…

  9. oh dear,this whole mess with property scams with further highlight the incompetence or even collusion of the authorities banks and even solicitors with the cowboys…..only problem is the handful of decent developers are tarnished with the same brush….oh well

  10. Another example of “one rule for us and another for non-cypriots” It is against the law to shoot within 300 mtrs of any house so how can the police make that statement? Shotgun pellets do not travel more than 300 mtrs!! Does Cyprus not realise that it is killing the overseas property market and it will not recover for a very long time. Cyprus without tourists and foreign buyers will be hit hard. Cyprus commits suicide !!!

  11. Fred Karno’s Circus rolls into town yet again.

    The TV crews have now seen, at first hand, the utter contempt shown to anyone who dares question the scamm ridden Cypriot property market by the crafty inbred farmer boys who decided they could rip off innocent customers by pretending to be property developers.

    They have got no idea what this will do.

    If they had dynamite for brains it wouldn’t blow their caps off.

  12. You could not make it up, welcome to “Banjo Country”, they could not show their country in a worse light.

    When this is aired in the UK, it will not matter about Eurocypria going bust, possibly eventually followed by Cyprus Airways, nobody will want to come here anyway, why not just close the airports and build another two golf courses……..

    Property industry in meltdown, tourist industry in crisis, people stabbing each other in the street in Larnaca and “The Pres,” is pressing the flesh in New York and on a jolly to Slovakia.

    Surely, at the next election the Cypriot people will deliver a reality check.

  13. This really resembles a scene from a gipsy camp you know. Where the police or unwelcome visitors arrive and you’re greeted with a shotgun in your face.

    Cyprus – where are you heading? Who really wants to live there and who wants their kids growing up amongst this village culture – Not I for sure.

    Holidays from Hell – more like the island that time forgot!

    It can only get worse from now on and will the British Consulate step in?

    I think not..

  14. A brilliant idea. Congratulations to the persons who fired in the direction of the film crew.

    Now UK ITV will certainly be back again and hopefully BBC, Channel 4/5, SKY NEWS etc and maybe even the world media in General.

  15. Welcome to Cyprus where anything goes in a 3rd World Country, how did it ever get into an exclusive club like the EU?

    Even the village idiot knows that shooting alongside houses for a certain distances or in a built up area is forbidden.

    Hope the crew got all the pictures for their TV program, it will be worthwhile watching another nail in the coffin of Cyprus.

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