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4th December 2021
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Cyprus town of Limassol to get seafront upgrade

CONTRACTS have been signed for the upgrading of the Limassol seafront at a cost of approximately €18 million, part-funded by substantial grants from the European Union.

The project will concentrate on the section of seafront extending from the town near the Catholic Church to the Holiday Inn Hotel and back to the Limassol’s old port and the new marina that is currently under construction. Work is scheduled to be completed in two years and should be in its final stages during the time that Cyprus is holding the EU presidency.

The project will feature open parks and green spaces to improve the aesthetic quality of the area; it will create more children’s play areas and two new cafés will be added. There will be considerable improvements to the pedestrianisation of the seafront area plus a skateboard park area for teenagers to enjoy. There will be more bus stops on the seafront and upgrades to the cycle paths.

The seafront upgrade is the fifth contract to be signed and is the last in a series of major infrastructure improvement projects to be undertaken in the Cyprus town of Limassol.

The first and second projects focus on the renovation work to the town’s historic centre. The projects aims are to protect and project the historic and cultural elements of the area, which includes the medieval castle, as well as the town’s architectural heritage. The projects include the creation of four news squares and extensive pedestrianisation in the town centre.

The third project involves the transformation of the Garyllis river area into a municipal park and the fourth is the major refurbishment, modernisation and upgrade of the Patticheon Theatre.

The Limassol Mayor, Andreas Christou, said: “Visitors, tourists, residents, everybody will look at Limassol town with new eyes, it will be a tremendous boost to our economy and give us a new confidence and character. The added benefit of our fully functioning TEPAK University and the numbers of foreign students and visitors this will bring into the town means Limassol will be almost unrecognisable as the seaside town and resort of even five years ago.


  1. A lot has been done, especially over the past 20 years, you should have seen the Limassol beach front back then! but yes a lot more needs to be done, such as instead of putting on fancy buses that are disabled people friendly they should think about actually getting proper pavements where the disabled can actually use to get to the bus stops…..

    @Peter alas you will get the anti anyone Cypriot sentiment much more now that £ is worth much less..hence the locals get less cash and take it out on non-locals, not right at all, but has always been the way….ignore the idiots and there is still hope as the odd decent Cypriot does still exist out there….

  2. another upgrade? have just returned from Cyprus, staying on the seaside road a few blocks from Debenhams and was blown away by the upgrade since my last visit 5yrs ago. The seafront has been extensively developed, it’s great there is now a soft surface cycle and jogging track, separated by gardens, ext.planting trees, public seating,fixed umbrellas,manned lifesaver kiosks along the beach, 3m W pedestrian path, 5 new cafes on the water with free-wifi, toilets, showers,lockers,the water is amazingly clean.

    RE- buildings, I agree,we own an apart. on that road and it has taken years to facilitate building maintenance, body corporate laws urgently need revision, esp.when it comes to collecting and spending strata levies. govt.& councils need to inspect strata laws are adhered to.

  3. What would nicely off-set all this worth-while endeavour is a requirement that Landlords and Residents’ Associations improve and maintain the rotten appearance of the apartment blocks on the opposing side of the street.

  4. €18m to upgrade a sea front. For what reason?

    For tourists and for visitors? The Island is too expensive and there will be a need to recoup the costs so pushing prices up further.

    For residents? Very nice if someone else is paying for it. The residents really need a cycle lane.

    Last time I went to a Limassol we stopped for food at a local cafe. I was with my sister and her daughter from England and I was showing her Cyprus. We stopped for a meal and there were five of us in the group, the food was thrown on the table, which was small, so I moved to a side table only for the lady proprietor to complain about me taking a second table. One of the locals said. “She doesn’t like the English”. That is the Cyprus I know and love. Never been back there since for a meal, and never will again.

    In the meantime Cyprus has been downgraded from A+ to A and it will be B next time. The Island is in deep debt and worse is to come. Do we need to find new ways to spend money?

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