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Plans for new shopping malls in Cyprus

Plans have been unveiled for the construction of two shopping malls in Cyprus; one in the area of Lakatamia-Anthoupolis in Nicosia, the second in Paphos.

CONSTRUCTION work on two new shopping malls is expected to begin early next year. The first of these will be constructed in a suburb of the capital Nicosia; the second will be built in Paphos.

Nicosia mall

The new ‘Nicosia Mall’ will be built in the Lakatamia-Anthoupolis area of Nicosia. It will include several department stores, supermarket(s), various shops of different sizes, a playground and 1,700 car parking spaces. The total indoor area of the new mall will be approximately 82,000m2.

Cyprus Nicosia Mall

The new Nicosia mall - Artwork:

Paphos mall

The new mall in Paphos will be located in the tourist area, close to the Tombs of the Kings Road and St. Paul’s Avenue on a 46,181m2 plot of land. It will also include several department stores, supermarket(s), various shops, restaurants, covered playground and underground parking spaces for 1,100 vehicles. The total indoor area of the new mall will be approximately 48,000m2.

Cyprus Shopping Mall in Paphos

The new Paphos Mall - Artwork: K. Athienitis Contractors-Developers Public Ltd

We understand that planning permission for both malls has been granted and that construction work will start in 2011. Both malls should be completed in 2013.

(Currently, the ‘My Mall’ shopping mall at Zakaki in Limassol is the largest shopping mall in Cyprus, providing shopping facilities, entertainment and more than 1,600 parking spaces.)

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  • Gandolph says:

    The artists impression is all wrong.

    There are no trucks etc parked all over the pavements.

  • dimitri says:

    Ah why not have one in Larnaka too? The mentality of the Cypriot has changed greatly in the past decade or so, it is all about being up the neck in debt but as long is it allows me to wear my d&g shades, carry my fendi hand bag and drive my merc blah blah then everything is fine, alas you are judged greatly by the car you drive, what you wear etc etc shallow thinking….thank God not all Cypriots have succumbed to this way of thinking…

  • bill says:

    Parking for 1100 cars,that will be a big pavement

  • Peter says:

    Yes we need another mall in Paphos.

    It will go well with the empty shops they are still building ‘For the days when things pick-up again’ and the Country can sell all the empty Villas to the Brits

  • Dave says:

    This island cannot afford what it has now,who is to pay for this with another increase in taxes I wonder?? We now have two Larnaca airports both built on Turkish-Cypriot land, the owner gets paid by the government so that he does not reclaim the land, what if he does reclaim will they just build another airport and raise taxes again??

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