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Cyprus property news welcomes one million visitors

Currently ranked number one by Internet search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing, the Cyprus Property News magazine recently welcomed its one millionth visitor.

Word Map LAST Friday the Cyprus Property News magazine welcomed its one millionth visitor. With more than 900 articles and news items on a range of property-related topics, it receives around 13,500 visitors a week.

Nigel Howarth, the magazine’s owner and publisher said:

“The magazine is going from strength to strength. Not only does this highlight the quality of the news and information we provide, but it also shows the interest being shown in the Island’s property market.

Although our readership is predominantly based in the UK and Ireland, the number of Russian visitors has been steadily increasing along with those from South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.”

Cyprus Property News

Launched in May 2008, Cyprus Property News is read in 176 countries and territories around the globe. It provides the news and events that are shaping the Island’s property industry without the usual sales and marketing hyperbole. It is currently ranked number one by Internet search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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  • Unbelievable says:

    @Sheik Yr Mami – Even 10,000 angry buyers is a worrying figure. 130,000 is just unbelievable!

    Nigel – how about advertising in the London Metro news paper. 1.5million distributions per day.

    That should make the arrogant Cypriots sit up and take note.

  • Sheik Yr Mami says:

    1m unique visitors or 10,000 p**ssed off buyers visiting 100 times a month to look for salvation to their problems? I hope the 1st part is true and well done, but if its the 2nd part, it also reflects the great work being done by this site!

  • Gillie says:

    I agree wholeheartedly Andrew. I have had to learn fast and have gained so much through the CPN and been heartened by the CPAG. Please continue as you are both a blessing xx

  • Andrew says:

    This is good news. Let us hope that 1 million soon becomes 2 million and in turn becomes the first place that any nationality will turn to BEFORE CONSIDERING buying a property in Cyprus.

    Long live Nigel Howarth and Denis O’Hare of CPAG.

    Maybe the site could be licensed for publication in Russian and other languages.

  • Unbelievable says:

    Thanks Nigel. You’re all doing a great thing here.

    Does CPAG have a website or are they going to be integrated into Cyprus-Property-News?

    I really do hope Healys can detach themselves from Cypriot nepotism & back handers. It’s a big concern of mine.

    Sometimes I think it’s best to have a Greek Barrister rather than Greek Cypriot.

    Anyway, things are looking a bit more positive this year – so fingers crossed !

  • @Unbelievable – I can assure you that Denis O’Hare & CPAG are alive and well – and still very active.

    I’ve had several conversations with Denis over the past few days on various subjects – he was instrumental in setting up the Healys initiative and most of his efforts are focussed on lobbying the EU and the UK government.

  • Unbelievable says:

    Nigel – Whatever happened to Denis O’Hare & CPAG ?

  • Tulloch Kempe says:

    I was very pleased to read of your above success as a regular subscriber to CPN and also owner of two properties on the island.

    Given CPN’s growing global reach and clear grasp of the wide range range of property issues, is there any way that this can be brought more directly to the attention of developers, banks, the legal sector and politicians?

    Having had dealings with Cyprus for the last six years which have sadly left me (like thousands of others) saying to anyone I know or meet not to touch Cyprus with a barge pole, the above group need to get a real grasp of just how badly Cyprus is now viewed abroad if the island is to have any hope of turning its fortunes round.

    These parties either seem to still not realise this, or are so arrogant that they will in the end deserve the collapse of the island that will arise if they do not put their own house in order. I suspect it is a mixture of the two.

    Such a shame given Cyprus had such potential once upon a time.

  • Mick says:

    Very well done Nigel, always excellent articles, keep up the good work.

  • Bob Briggs says:

    Excellent work Sir, my compliments to you & your team. Regards, Bob Briggs.

  • Dee says:

    Excellent news Nigel, and well done indeed.

    If this doesn’t get some unworthies shivering in their shoes I’ll eat my hat!

  • Simon says:

    Excellent work Nigel! I always look forward to your articles in my in-box.

    Many thanks.

  • Peter says:

    Well done Nigel. Spread the word far and wide

  • says:

    Well done Nigel!

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