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Saturday 11th July 2020
Home News Cyprus planning amnesty bills delayed

Cyprus planning amnesty bills delayed

VOTING on the three Cyprus planning amnesty bills has been postponed for two weeks at the request of Democratic Party member Andreas Angelides.

Although MPs Christos Stylianides of DISY and Phidias Sarikas of EDEK expressed the readiness of their respective party groups to discuss the three bills today, they consented to the request for a postponement by the Democratic Party (DIKO).

Andreas Angelides, who asked for the postponement of the vote, explained that the DIKO Parliamentary Group is considering the three bills in connection with the two bills relating to the transfer of property from vendors to purchasers. These two bills are currently under discussion at the House Legal Affairs Committee.

However, in the view of MP Aristophanes Georgiou of AKEL, the two bills under discussion at the House Legal Affairs Committee are unrelated to the planning amnesty bills.


  1. You have got to laugh. Either that or cry. The previous comments are all right.

    But, do get onto your Euro MP, it is the only way I think we will achieve anything.

  2. Next excuse will be the Elections, with parliament closing down 40 days before election day.

    The EU should suspend Cyprus presidency of the EU? A big stick is the only way to get a fair and just property market in Cyprus.

  3. Dizzies (DISY’s) and Dicko’s (DIKO’s), spot on! Couldn’t have framed them better if I tried.

  4. What will deputies have to do and discuss if all proposed bills are passed. We must give them some credit for being able to keep a 5 minute job going on for seven years. After all the Cyprob has been dragged out for 37 years and all indications are that it will go on for another 450 years at least. Lot’s of future jobs for the current deputies children, grandchildren and generations to come.

    Now tell me who the idiots are? It certainly isn’t them is it!

  5. Typically, the Cyprus way of doing things. 

    “Why do something today that can be put off until tomorrow”! 


    “Let’s make sure we get it completely wrong before we rush in and pass it”.




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