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Golf courses in Cyprus at Fasouri and Limni

Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis expects that licences for the golf courses at Fasouri and Limni will soon be authorised by the Town Planning Department.

SPEAKING with InBusinessNews last week Cyprus Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis was reported as saying that licenses for three more golf courses on the Island are close to being authorised by the Town Planning Department:

A course at Fasouri outside Limassol by Lanitis Farm Golf Ltd. This is planned to include an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Cabell Robinson, a country club, a residential quarter consisting of residential town houses and amenity parkland.

Two golf courses at Limni in Polis Chrysochous by Limni Resorts & GolfCourses Plc. This is planned to include a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course set in 2.9 million square metres of prime coastland, a 5-star hotel and spa, high quality residential units, sports facilities and other amenities.

In October 2009, the Executive Chairman of Cyprus Limni Resorts & GolfCourses Plc, Nicos Shacolas, Limni told StockWatch that works will start immediately as soon as the master plan is approved and that “Despite the economic crisis, the Company has secured the financing of the projects”.

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  • out of the frying pan into the fire says:

    People a good level of banter makes me and others smile.

    It’s the only thing we have to smile about.

    But keep up the pressure on our Euro MPs please.

    You know it makes sense.

    After all YouKnowWho, will be defending this.

    And giving us free membership to the Toxic golf club for life. So after two rounds of golf nothing to worry about.

  • AnnDee says:

    Ok I’m rich but you’ll never get me on that toxic dump. Only eucalyptus can survive there. Somebody told me some of the highest levels of cancer are recorded (hidden?) in the villages on the north coast. What’s happening about all the dust that’s being kicked up and the workers without any form of protection on that site while shifting tons of waste into the lake. Better use would have been concrete, asphalt and erect a solar park then maybe Polis and the entire hinterland would be fully powered at low cost and low risk. But Shokolas is a god.

  • Unbelievable says:

    @Costa Costas – I reckon the Cypriots knew about the asteroid could hit earth in 31yrs time.

    Title Deeds will be promptly issued in 32yrs time :-) :-(

  • James JH Lockhart says:

    Another Papholand project ?

  • Costa Costas says:

    Disney world, marina’s, golf courses, always so near and yet so none existent….

    Not to worry here is some greater certainty. I was just reading about an asteroid named ‘Apophis’ that is on a collision course with earth!

    So what a pity none of us will be able to get a quick round in before THE END!!

    It’s called Apophis. It’s 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years’ time

    Scientists call for plans to change asteroid’s path. Developing technology could take decades.

  • widabeg says:

    Can I ask, who in the present crisis re builders, banks etc is going to buy into these developments. Cyprus needs to get its house in order before going ahead with any more golf courses or housing. Who’s going to play them.

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