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Tuesday 22nd June 2021
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Please tell me why Mr President

President Demetris Christofias
Presidential Palace
1400 Nicosia


Dear President Christofias,

Why have you let the title deed fiasco go on for so long?

Why have you allowed crooked lawyers, bankers and developers to continue to trade at the expense of your country’s reputation which is now, arguably, the laughing stock of the Internet?

Why has the Cyprus Bar Association not routed out, with vigour the corrupt elements in its midst?

Why is there apparently no justice for victims of property fraud in Cyprus?

Why have no Advocates been struck off by the Cyprus Bar Association?

Why does the Central Bank of Cyprus not regulate developer loans in accordance with the Basel 90-day rules?

Why do Cyprus banks not pursue developer loans where repayments are long overdue?

Why do Cyprus banks give mortgages to individuals when they know that the land has already been mortgaged by developers?

Why do we not own our own homes?

Why do you allow individuals who have/had a genuine love of Cyprus and helped to support your economy for years to be persecuted, worried, robbed of money, and more importantly health because of all of the above?

Why President Christofias? We would really like to know.

MEP Alyn Smith update

Readers may recall that MEP Alyn Smith wrote to the Cyprus President on 30th November 2010 asking if an impartial ombudsman or foreign investor advice service could be established to deal with the many property issues.

Alyn is still waiting for a reply.


  1. The EU is as much to blame as Christofias in my view.

    No-one would stand up to the tyranny of Hitler until he invaded Poland.

    I really admire what the ordinary people of Egypt did to oust parliament – they pulled off what hundreds of highly paid diplomats and politicians failed to do – get a result.

    It’s clear that we all need to take a stand. We all pay huge taxes to the EU.

    It’s time to get sweat value for money out of them.

    I can see a LOT of talent leaving the EU in the next 20 years – Europe would appear to be assessed correctly by the Chinese – namely we are a “gaggle of bandits”.

  2. Perhaps “YouKnowWho” would like to respond and offer a defence?

    Well here is your opportunity YouKnowWho >

  3. Why indeed why so long! I don’t think there was ever any business sense only those of us willing to part with our hard earned money to support a money merry-go-round!

  4. All of us already know the answer “Why?”

    Because the President is an integral part of the corrupt ‘system’.
    Ditto all the political parties.
    Ditto the Unions.
    Ditto the Police.
    Ditto the Public Service.
    Ditto the Attorney General.
    Ditto the Judiciary.
    Ditto the lawyers.
    Ditto the bankers.
    Ditto the constuction ‘industry’.

    All the above – and any other bodies I may have inadvertently omitted – are co-conspirators and they ALL rely on each other in order to sustain themselves and fuel the endemic chicanery that has become a way of life. It is IMPOSSIBLE for any of this to change and the only way it WILL is for something akin to what we’re witnessing in countries not too far away from this island.

    After demanding freedom of political will and expression, the next reason why the Arab populace has risen up against their masters is state involvement and condonation of CORRUPTION…

  5. Most Cypriots Lawyers have no shame or conscience. Greedy village people who have built up funds in the past 20yrs and will do anything to stab anyone in the back…including other Cypriots!

    Money & Wealth does not change a person, it simply magnifies their personality.

    You can’t run and hide forever Mr President. In case you haven’t noticed, this is now the modern world. Electronic news travels faster than the old village donkey and the coffee shop gossip has been replaced by news group forums !

  6. Regarding MEP questions. A question was asked some months ago, requesting an up to date amount owed by developers to Cyprus banks. As far as I know, no answer was forthcoming.

    • @Jim – according to a question raised by Daniel Hannan MEP last October, the balance of this spiralling developer debt at that time was thought to be in excess of €7 billion.

  7. Don’t hold your breath for a rely on this one!
    Unless your a politician, lawyer, banker, developer etc

    Not only will you be waiting a long time it will NEVER come…….

    Just do what all corrupt slip-riots do! You know, shrug your shoulders & then grunt – Errggghhhh!!!

    They don’t like the question? They don’t offer a response. That way they can still pretend its not really happening.

    Live in denial that’s the way!

    Mr President WILL just stick his head a little deeper into his Presidential Sand Castle!

    And why Mr President, Right Honourable Sir?


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