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Cyprus must change or suffer

The leadership of Cyprus seems to be living in the past with no vision whatsoever about the future; it is time to turn the amazing potential that this country has into action.

Moody’s downgrades three Cyprus banks

Following in the wake of its decision last week to downgrade Cyprus government bond ratings, yesterday Moody’s Investor Services announced that it had downgraded three Cyprus banks.

EU Timeshare Directive comes into force

The new Timeshare Directive came into force across Europe yesterday designed to improve consumer protection and ensure a level playing field across Europe’s timeshare market.

Major improvements to Cyprus town planning

Plans to overhaul of the Cyprus Town Planning and Housing department to support the social and economic development of the Island have been announced by Interior Minister Neoklis Sylikiotis.

Fragile recovery in European residential property

The European residential real estate market is recovering slowly but in Cyprus the current fiscal and political climate is too unstable to encourage investment in the property sector.

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