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CPAG’s Denis O’Hare interview with Rosie Charalambous

EARLIER this evening Denis O’Hare of the Cyprus Property Action Group spoke with Rosie Charalambous on the CyBC Radio 2 programme ‘Round and About’ about the unfair commercial practices law and plans to flood the Island’s Consumer Protection Service with complaints.

Mr O’Hare started by explaining the background to the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive:

“The (EU) unfair business to consumer commercial practices Directive was developed in 2005 and member states were given a couple of years to implement it. It was transposed into Cypriot law effective 12th December 2007.

Part of the Directive mandated the (EU) states to inform consumers of this law and the avenues of redress. Here in Cyprus, it was well and truly hidden; even today it is not mentioned on the Consumer Association’s website and just a couple of weeks ago the head of the Consumers’ Association said that he’d never heard of the law.

The law makes it a criminal offence for a business not to inform consumers of material facts that would change their behaviour towards a product.”

Rosie Charalambous: “They might not have bought the property had they known it was mortgaged.”

Denis O’Hare: “Exactly, exactly!”

Click here to listen to the 14 minute interview between Rosie Charalambous and Denis O’Hare.