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Thursday 1st October 2020
Home News Plans to build world's tallest statue at Monagroulli

Plans to build world’s tallest statue at Monagroulli

A RUSSIAN foundation called the International Club philanthropists and patrons of Europe has unveiled plans to build an international convention centre on Cyprus’ southern coast.

If all goes according to plan, the project will be constructed on a hill overlooking the sea in an area to the west of the fish taverna located on the beach at Agios Georgios Alamanos in Monagroulli.

According to reports, the project will include a conference centre for 1,300 delegates, a presidential convention centre for 300 delegates, a theatre and luxurious banqueting hall and musical events. It will also include a number of cafes and restaurants.

The project’s centre-piece will be a record-breaking 135 metre statue of an angel provisionally named “The Kind Angel of the World”. It has been reported that, like the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York Harbour, lifts will carry visitors to the top of the statue.

A modern church, the Temple of Kindness and Peace, will be built at the base of the statue and the project will cost in the region of €100 million.

Apparently, the project has received the blessing of the Island’s Archbishop.

At the present time, the world’s tallest statue is the ‘Spring Temple Buddha’ in the People’s Republic of China, which is 128 metres high. New York’s Statue of Liberty is 93 metres high, while Christ the Redeemer, which overlooks the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, is 39.6 metres high.



  1. Looks like the archbishop of Cyprus sees this as more viable a venture than KEO breweries that he will shutdown it seems….unbelievable at how much land the church owns, and is even joint owner of the tsirio football stadium! and seems has land for all, maybe they should start giving it back to the ‘people’? and also relinquish the rolex on his wrist ….

  2. @Steveo, not sure it says it in the article? but the church is leasing the land to the philanthropists, and have to agree why Cyprus?, there are many more needy Russians than Cypriots…and if he has a ‘thing’ for Cyprus then at least use money to build orphanages or hospitals, not this monstrosity…..

  3. I know that area it’s beautiful. I would excuse the appallingly bad taste of this project only if it was surrounded by a national park and gardens of a large scale. It’s a scam for sure to get money out of the country surely these guys could build this in Russia why here ? And why would would the church give their blessing ? To see one of god’s beautiful creations desecrated by a monstrosity ? You have got to admit that it is in super bad taste. It’s mind blowing to think that the tiny (tasty) taverna will be sitting in the shadow of this golden angel. Just think how many botanical gardens 100 million could make how philanthropic that would be. Come to Cyprus stand in awe of the worlds most kitsch statue sheesh. Something bigger is going on i feel something out of a Dan Brown novel. It will obviously face Moscow where another one will be looking back (a la statue of liberty with Paris)

  4. @anna, nobody is jealous, just seems a shame to tamper with the area, there are more conference rooms in nearby Limassol hotels than could ever be needed…..I guess if your take on this is positive you will be all for chopping down the Dassoudi green area to make way for a football pitch sized 9meter tall conference and parking area…who needs trees and the only remaining green lung of Limassol when we can have more fancy cafes for those who can afford €5 for a soft drink or coffee….

  5. @Hugh Jones, surely that cannot be true; ruination of the coast line and despoiling the environment!

    According to the Financial Mirror: “Cyprus government implements comprehensive environmental policies”

    In more detail:

    “In the past few years the government has made steady progress towards improving the environment and green development, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment points out in a press release to mark the International Environment Day……

    According to the Ministry cooperation among the state, local authorities, private enterprises and civil society is expanding greatly and bears fruit in various sectors.

    On the occasion of International Environment Day, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment is organising on Thursday a ceremony to award prizes to participants of a competition for the Cyprus anthem for the environment.”

    Triples all round!

  6. I noticed the destruction of the land scape between Governors beach and Agios Georgios and was waiting for some greedy developer/ government minster to present plans for the ruination of the coast line but I never thought it would be so ugly and unnecessary.

  7. @Anna. Is this a serious comment or has the sun totally eroded my sarcasm-antenna?

  8. Anna (10.32 a.m.)

    Are we to presume that your comments are unadulterated satire?

    Dimitri (7.13 p.m. yesterday).

    More than likely.

    Andrew (6.58 p.m. yesterday).

    Excellent proposal. A worthy addition would be a group of Paphite lawyers collectively holding aloft said title deed.

    Nigel Howarth.

    Jon Frazer’s suggestion of ‘Papholand 2’ will further enhance the CPN website. You know it makes sense…

  9. So more concrete is all we need. We’ve just had experts on the island saying we have more soil coverage than anybody else in the EU and now this bright idea at money making.Philanthropists with more money than sense. We have no botanical gardens, few parks, no stately homes with acres of ground used as homes for wildlife. The government can’t even implement the EU landscape convention, but it’s prepared to consider this monstrous blot on it.

  10. That’s it, I’ve joined up; you must now address me as “Kind Angel of the World”.

    All I had to do was give them my Bank account details and passwords.

    I’m off to Kyrgyzstan next week to model for the new statue “Kind Angel of Pafos”

    This 250m effigy is to be mounted onto a dome celebrating Greco-Russo-Cypriot accounting and Financial services.

    Work will commence on the Tala heights site once we have demolished a few houses that are in the way.

  11. What a grand, awe-inspiring, stupendous and totally wonderful project!!! Bound to put up the prices of Cyprus property for miles around. I will be going to see it and hope to have a tasty Russian meal.

    Don’t get jealous – the more money foreigners put into Cyprus the better. Cyprus needs this. It will be an immense tourist draw.

  12. The “International Club philanthropists and patrons of Europe” appears to be a somewhat eccentric organisation of Russian origin.

    Its objectives include “Propaganda of high social significance of charity and patronage”; well this crackpot scheme would seem to fit the bill.

    Those who would like to know more may visit their website Perhaps they might like to become an Honorary Member, or even a “Kind Angel of the World”, which involves a small contribution.

  13. It just goes to show how bad it is there, as they can encourage all this and “champion” it as a wonderful Mega project good for the Island.

    But they can’t put in Basic drainage/Sewage services correctly that we all need.

    Something seems to be missing….. Foundations?

    Or is it me being cynical again?

    Oh yes I forgot, It costs the local government MONEY to invest in proper infrastructure for housing the people, But it does not cost local government much to bring in a hardly known society from a known corrupt country and promise to give permission to build whatever they like. In the name of it will be good for Cyprus. (Re Odd_job_Bob’s Story)

    You watch in a few years time when the Russian money really takes hold of the Greedy in this country.
    The Brit’s will leave in their droves. Bye, Bye nice retirement Island in the sun. Hello Australia….?

    Cynically yours
    U Boat

  14. Odd Job Bob

    Having lived in Nigeria (by necessity not choice) I fully understand the scenario you describe. In addition as a Cypriot I also know the ways of some of our Townies (I trust neither). I have never lived in Russia but in the time available from the fall of communism until today I do not see a totally legitimate way of accumulating such astronomical sums of diverse wealth that some claim without it being effectively stolen from the state and the people.

    As a footnote, if your f of a f’s client only lost £2m to a Nigerian scam he or she did well. I wonder why no one ever asks where the benefits of 50 plus years of nett oil revenue, amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars can be seen in Nigeria outside of the ruling individuals personal banks.

    The Country is a lesson to Cyprus and anyone else of how far you can fall if the populous is too bone idle to work, preferring to rely on sales of natural resources & more interested in the image presented. It eventually falls apart and the shiny new merc is reduced to a pile of rust. Nigeria today is a mess. Other Countries are, it seems, insisting on following the model.

  15. A couple of the comments below would seem to hint at the possibility of some hanky-panky. How can this be conceivable when the project has apparently received the blessing of the Island’s Archbishop?

  16. Hi People,

    When I read this article, I couldn’t help myself from responding (I know, I wasn’t going to any more etc etc). On May 2 at 9.50 pm, on the article CPAG Returns, I wrote the following:

    “You must warn the people who the Cyprus government are now targeting to not invest (in the big projects like the marinas, luxury golf course developments, tallest tower in the world nonsense etc)”

    How did I know that these large, almost incredible (and completely nonsensical) projects would come to pass?

    Let me tell you a little story…

    Way back in 2002, a friend-of-a-friend was involved in the arrangements for the Miss World Competition, which was to be held in Nigeria that year. A Gala Dinner was to be held in London beforehand in which all the contestants would be in attendance, cultural shows including art, music, etc from Nigeria were to be showcased, plus a slap-up meal. The f-of-an-f was employed by one of his investment clients, who was the major sponsor of the Gala Dinner, to basically oversee the marketing company who were to run the whole thing, so as her money would be protected (ish).

    I (er, I mean the f-of-an-f), very quickly realised that the whole marketing plan, the cost of the tickets, what was on offer etc was appallingly bad and would be a commercial disaster and advised the client to pull out as financially, it made no sense at all.

    It was only a couple of days before the dinner that the client revealed that the Gala Dinner had NOTHING TO DO WITH PUTTING TOGETHER A SENSIBLE BUSINESS PROPOSAL and ALL to do with getting money out of Nigeria! There were side agreements to side agreements and a whole complicated mess of contract laws (sound familiar?) so that assets could be passed from regional governments in Nigeria to Nigerian individuals in London, people caught in the cross-fire would get a sub-standard product for loads of money, if any at all and the launderers would be laughing.

    This is what this is.

    As a footnote, the f-of-an-of, after his client lost approx £2m found himself having to declare his innocence and lack of involvement in the whole laundering thing under cross-examination in the High Court in the Strand from the most bad-assed City lawyers, employed by the Miss World Organisation, you could think of.

    Shortly after this, I think he moved to Cyprus…

  17. @Andrew – I think you may be confusing ambition with ability :-)

    Incidentally, friends of mine live in Monagroulli where they had a presentation on these plans at the Community Office. I’m putting this in as I expect many people may think the story’s a hoax.

  18. It would be fitting if the celestial memorial were clutching a Title Deed. It would be a symbol of the massive struggle faced by the many who have braved the property market in Cyprus.

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