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Wednesday 30th September 2020
Home Articles Ministry of Interior planning amnesty announcement

Ministry of Interior planning amnesty announcement


With respect to a certain company’s advertisement, as well as other relevant adverts in the press, regarding the provision of services, for a fee, for the submission of applications based on the “Planning Amnesty” Laws, the Ministry of the Interior wishes to inform the public of the following:

  1. Any individual or legal entity may apply directly to the Authorities, which are defined by legislation, and submit an application for the legalisation of building irregularities or for the issue of updated title deeds, provided that he co-operates with a professional engineer, registered with the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK).
  2. Any citizen, holder or purchaser of a building with irregularities, must submit, by October 7, 2011, to the Ministry of the Interior, a Statement of Intent, and, if so, a full application, by April 7, 2014, to the Planning or Building Authority, for the legalisation of the irregularities. The Statement of Intent is a simple document, which requires the submission of certain, very basic, information, regarding the development and the irregularities, and not any drawings, expensive studies or a series of documents.
  3. The hiring of any Company, Agency or any other Consultancy for the preparation of necessary documentation and/ or studies, or the assignment of responsibility for the submission of applications, etc, could be arranged and negotiated by the applicant himself, with his sole responsibility, regarding the fees that will be paid.
  4. Applications will be evaluated in accordance with the legislation, and there can be no guarantee, in advance, of their approval.
  5. The Ministry of the Interior advises all applicants, that any decision, with respect to the method selected for the submission of documents and applications based on the “Planning Amnesty” Laws, must be taken with caution. The system provided by the legislation is relatively simple and does not justify excessive financial burden on the applicants, nor arrangements other than the conventional ones, which currently apply regarding standard procedures for applying for necessary development permits.
  6. The Ministry of the Interior advises against relying on guarantees that, in some cases, may be given to applicants, as these may not prove justified in the end of the process. This is especially possible with guarantees regarding the transfer of title deeds in the name of purchasers, without the need for action taken before Justice, in the case of unwilling owners.

Editor’s comments

For those wishing to submit a Statement of Intent under the provisions of the Planning Amnesty laws, we shall publish the required application forms (together with English language translations) during the coming week.


  1. Whirlybird – good point!

    I asked the same question some weeks ago on this forum and was advised that my developer or architect would know about any irregularities.

    This is fine for them, but as you quite rightly point out, unless they are prepared to tell you about this or even if they are not at a point in the planning process where they know themselves, then you’re stuffed.

    We need the planning authorities to advise each and every owner who has a contract of sale registered with them, and who has an irregularity with their property, so that they can decide whether or not to apply to legalise these.

    In addition I cannot understand the ‘suffocating time frame’ placed on the lodging of applications, since I’m absolutely sure that building irregularities in Cyprus will be an ongoing issue for years to come until the planning authorities install a healthy, auditable and professional arms length relationship with Developers and Lawyers.

    (Not an arm carrying a brown envelope that is!)

  2. Hello There,

    In reference to the Announcement of the Ministry of Interior regarding the forthcoming Planning Amnesty. I find section two (2) very interesting,

    “Any citizen, holder or purchaser of a building with irregularities, must submit, by October 7, 2011, to the Ministry of the Interior, a Statement of Intent, and, if so, a full application, by April 7, 2014, to the Planning or Building Authority, for the legalisation of the irregularities”

    Can anyone tell me where one can find out if their house has any irregularities etc. in the time allocated when the developer has not applied for completion certificates on this estate in Avgorou after 5 years of occupation and on asking ones solicitor for info he has not bothered to reply after two e-mails and a telephone call over a space of one year. Are we all missing something out here or is it just our minds.


  3. I would imagine point 6 is simply to confirm that this is all a complete waste of time and money due to the amount of unpaid and uncleared developer’s mortgages remaining outstanding on our properties. As if we did not know this already.

    They obviously know the scale of the problem yet it continues to be ignored.

  4. I do hope that those who have signed up to the various companies offering, for a fee, to secure title have read the small print and paragraphs 5 and 6 above.

    Surely people must be fully aware of the underlying objective of making money from and by whatever means on the Island. Heaven knows there have been enough warnings on multifarious sites and publications that only an alien from another Galaxy can be excused for being unaware.

    For some it may prove to be worthwhile but I suspect that for the vast majority it has been read as a guaranteed route to obtaining title. I do so hope that those who have signed up do not end up throwing more good money after bad.

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