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Thursday 9th July 2020
Home News Meeting to discuss Oroklini theme park scheduled

Meeting to discuss Oroklini theme park scheduled

ACCORDING to reports in the local media the meeting will take place between the Interior Minister, Neoclis Sylikiotis, and a joint delegation of representatives from the company set up by local land owners and representatives of the Russian investors.

The meeting will address two issues. The first concerns the exchange of state-owned land amounting to some 300 donums (around 40 hectares) for land held by the landowners elsewhere. The second concerns the change of use of the land and the need for new infrastructure.

At an estimated cost of €800 million, the project will occupy an area of nearly 1,000 donums (approximately 135 hectares) and will include a waterpark, a luxury hotel and many restaurants (assuming that it goes ahead).


  1. I wonder, when it falls down due to bad or poor construction or the title deeds have been re mortgaged or a lawyer has committed an act of fraud.

    Who is going to pick up the Bill?

    Why silly me the British who they love to rob.

  2. When is this meeting and when is the proposed start date of this theme park?

    Or is this just another one of those white elephants like the Larnaca golf resort !!

  3. Alan. This sounds very much like Ayia Napa/Ayia Thekla Marina development. The only difference here is they have built the roads, car-park, paths etc. and put in lovely lowered curbs and street lighting, wonderfully bright at night lighting up absolutely NOTHING. Yes Nothing No marina, no buildings or hotels, just perfectly finished roads and infrastructure to a non existing marina ???

    I ask you what a waste of money, most likely using our local resident’s tax money.

    Yes it’s like one of your kites!!!

    All because the New Russian money is fuelling the minds of the greedy folk ! I wonder who that may be?

    May be they should spend more time and money completing and forcing bad developers to complete the already existing developments and lay proper infrastructure to these?



  4. As an Oroklini resident, I had to chuckle at this – it’s another kite to add to the Oroklini Golf Complex kite that has been flying for the past 20 years. Any such venture, would require provision of massive new infrastructure requirements such as high quality/capacity connecting roads, parking, services etc. Presumably this new kite is targeting the same land as the Golf Complex since the land available is limited, the Church being a major owner.

    The proposed Oroklini Amphitheatre (1,100 seats), a more modest proposal, would still require all that additional infrastructure.

    Then we have another kite for the past 5 years, the supposed Disnely World at neighbouring Pyla. Yes, sleepy Pyla which has no infrastructure, hotels, services etc, the nearest being at Dhekelia Road. Putin himself is supposed to be a major investor.

    Watch out for more low-flying kites!!

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