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Cyprus falls to twelfth spot in Top of the Props

The interest being show in Cyprus as a destination for overseas property investors has fallen over the last month according to the latest ‘Top of the Props’ chart published by

CYPRUS has slipped out of the top ten places for overseas property investors, according to the latest Top of the Props survey from

The top five spots remain unchanged since last month with Spain, France, USA, Portugal and Italy accounting for more than 50% of the total number of enquiries.

Cyprus has moved down three places from ninth into the twelfth spot with 2.16% of the total number of enquiries.

The full breakdown of the Top 40 from is as follows:

7Turkey4.4Up 1
8Bulgaria3.16Down 1
9Cape Verde2.94Up 5
10Morocco2.43Up 3
11Barbados2.29Down 1
12Cyprus2.16Down 3
13Malta1.88Up 4
14Germany1.76Up 2
16Thailand1.47Down 4
17Poland1.43Up 2
18India1.18Up 4
19UAE1.13Up 4
20Cayman Islands1.1Down 9
21Canada0.93Down 1
22Slovenia0.9Down 4
23Croatia0.75Down 2
24Switzerland0.73Up 5
25Mexico0.6Up 1
26Indonesia0.6Up 11
27Hungary0.53Down 3
29Egypt0.47Down 2
31Philippines0.38Up 8
32Bahamas0.32Up 4
33St Lucia0.32Down 8
34Panama0.27Up 4
35Malaysia0.24Down 2
36Austria0.21Up 8
37Australia0.21Down 6
38Romania0.13Up 8
39St Kitts and Nevis0.11Up 1
40New Zealand0.09

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Readers' comments

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  • out of the frying pan into the fire says:

    Every one is right.

    I fall into number 3 on Nigel’s list.

    Still lets get the message out, buying in Cyprus can seriously ruin your health and wealth.

  • @Mike – thanks for your comments.

    When you consider that less than a decade ago Cyprus was the third most popular place for Brits looking to buy overseas property, you can be sure that the economic situation isn’t the only cause of the Island’s fall from grace in recent years!

    As for buyers, in my experience they fall into three categories:

    1. Those who leave their brains at the airport.

    2. Those who are greedy and believe they can buy a property today and sell it tomorrow at a vast profit.

    3. Those who do their research properly, yet still find themselves being ripped off by the conmen that plague the industry and let down by a system that is supposed to protect them.

  • Mike says:

    If numbers of inquiries can be correlated to sales then I am astonished at the numbers of ill informed buyers out there who are continuing to plunge headlong into a possible nightmare just like lemmings.

    As sad as the potential loss of their life savings and worldly goods is I am no longer certain any sympathy can be afforded to anyone who fails to make even a cursory attempt at a little bit of research into the area they are planning to gamble their world as they know it. Any such attempt, no matter how insignificant, will advise of the pitfalls, areas of concern and dire warnings issued by all and sundry to potential investors or home buyers.

    My god I wish I had customers like that when I was in business, I would be a multi billionaire many times over by now as against a humble worn out but contented retired individual.

  • Andrew says:

    Only as low as 12? Someone is not reading this journal properly.

  • Robert Briggs says:

    I can not understand why Cyprus has fallen to 12th place, I wonder why?

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