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Wednesday 15th July 2020
Home News Licence for Polis golf project expected by June

Licence for Polis golf project expected by June

THE FIRST phase of a proposed world class golf resort in Polis Chrysochous in Paphos will get underway this year according to the local mayor.

“I believe that the licence to commence the project will be granted by June at the latest,” Angelos Georghiou said yesterday, adding that he had a meeting with company representatives on Friday.

The Shakolas group, the largest private commercial group in Cyprus, owns a plot of about three million square metres in Limni, the site of the now defunct copper mines-in Polis Chrysochous. Here they will undertake the project, which according to Georghiou will be one of the largest to date in Cyprus.

“It will include two 18 hole golf courses, a 160 room five star hotel and luxury residences amongst other facilities,” he said. The proposed project, costing millions, also includes a sea front area.

The Shakolas group first announced their intention to develop the Limni Golf Resort project in 2007.

“This is a very important project which will help the economy of Polis and surrounding villages, creating many jobs and will encourage many tourists to visit the area,” noted Georghiou.

The mayor said he was unsure of the total cost of the plans, adding that it would run into the millions and that it would be completed in stages.

The two signature championship standard courses are being designed by renowned Gary Player Design and Nicklaus Design which will be the centrepiece of the new development.


  1. Again cy govt bashing time, you are re-patriated individual of Cypriot origin, gov allows you to bring one car over and have a discount on the illegal taxes levied by the gov on used cars, so they are doing you a favour by not fleecing you. As a condition to being allowed this tax break, you as the owner cannot sell or get rid of the car without paying back to the govt this so called tax saving….AND only yourself spouse and children can drive the vehicle and only in the town you are resident…tell me these people are not mad!

  2. how about the shopping centres sprouting up everywhere to cater for the big spending Cypriots? especially in limassol, I have no idea how and if the banks who fund these projects/developers expect to get a return on these investments?

  3. Got the cash? you can get away with murder, slightly off topic but this is what I read and heard about Larnaca airport “All in all I was very impressed with this Airport but when I went up to the smoking area I was told if I am not business class then I have to pay €33 every time I want to use it”

  4. As Denton Mackrell has so adroitly pointed out, we’ve heard all these tales before. For example:

    1. Promises of meaningful reform of title deeds’ law from the government.
    2. Numerous golf course projects which have failed to materialize.
    3. Russian investment in a Paphos holiday resort, complete with seaplane access.
    4. Conference venue, villas and the tallest building in Christendom.
    5. Fanciful, risible growth projections for the Cypriot economy by Finance Ministers.
    6. Official statements that Cyprus would be unaffected by the worldwide economic downturn.
    7. Upgrade of infrastructure, including roads, etc. Roads? please.
    8. Gas exploration hype, almost inferring that it’ll be brought ashore imminently and hence the island’s woes will vanish overnight.
    9. A few days ago on national television, President Christofias blithely stated that the economy is improving, that rating agency S&P’s downgrade of Cyprus to ‘junk’ status is to be discounted and yes, gas is “on the way”.

    The above is not exhaustive.

    To quote a line from the iconic Clint Eastwood movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales, “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.”

  5. Anne Dee

    It is true that this used to be a copper mine and was hazardous – this is one of the reasons that € 17 million has been spent on dealing with this – all done to European standards and legislation ! Maybe a first for Cyprus.

    Not quite sure about the comments about a solar park, in this beautiful location next to the sea, and stretching up a beautiful valley towards Lysos -if you want a solar park why not further inland ? Also not quite sure how your solar park is going to create jobs ! This Limni project when completed with 2 golf courses, 2 club houses, hotel and other facilities – will generate more than 500 full time employees – surely this is a big bonus to the area !!

  6. Just how safe is it for public habitation? Isn’t the resort being constructed on the toxic spoil from the ancient copper mine? The mine used to be the major employer for those living in Polis & the north coast villages and many locals talk of the dusty environment and high levels of(and deaths due to)cancer among the workforce.

    One wonders if reports have been on made on toxicity and health hazards, bearing in mind there are hundreds of houses and apartments in the plan. Presumably if any reports exist they have satisfied the relevant authorities, even if they have not been made available to the public.

    If the site has been deemed safe a solar park would better serve the whole of the community by providing cheap, if not free electricity to the entire Polis and provide long-term jobs.

  7. UK to Gibraltar, 30 minute drive North and perfect established golf courses all in in 3 hours.

    I will still hope a Polis course well but far too far to travel, I could be a third of the way through a round in Spain by the time I landed in Cyprus. In saying that I continue to visit Cyprus 3 or 4 times a year but not for Golf.

    Perhaps there is an abundance of keen golfers in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Syria and Israel who will use them.

  8. @Peter. I couldn’t agree more that the island could do with some fully professional projects and IF this turns out to be one, fantastic! I’ll defer to your detailed knowledge of the funding and progress of this particular project.

    However, your complaint of ‘usual negative comments’ has to be judged against the general reality of all the vacuous hype about so many projects (golfing and otherwise)that have turned out to be vapourware. Year after year we have been subjected to umpteen fanfares of super-hype and fulsome self-praise about project after project that fail to materialize. Is it any wonder that the common reaction is one of cynicism?

    The self-inflicted curse that all Cypriot commercial activity now suffers from as a result of the lies and b….t, whether grandiose projects not materializing, wrongdoing by developers and lawyers etc etc is that no one trusts a word they say or any document they issue. The immediate reaction is to assume they are lying or trying to defraud.

    One-off successes and one-off cases of honesty just ain’t going to cut it, such is the scale of mistrust by buyers and investors. A sea-change to wholesale honesty and integrity would have to occur. I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Now, what if! What if we could have a golf course in Cyprus that everyone could afford. They cater for the rich but forget that there are many thousands of expats and visitors who play golf but can no longer afford. My golf clubs are back in UK as cannot afford golf in Cyprus. I am hoping that someone may see this comment and see, that the majority, cannot afford the Cyprus Golf prices in our retirement but would dearly love to continue playing. I am sure that there is an absolute fortune to be made! We have now taken up bowls but wish we could be an investor in an affordable golf club on the Island. The other overpriced clubs would definitely then all fail, so watch out for reprisals!! JM

  10. Hmm, licence to sell more overpriced, “below par” properties more like. Never mind it’ll look good in the developer sales pamphlets.

  11. Usual negative comments !!! This project has full Title Deeds and the whole project if already fully funded. In fact work has been proceeding on this project for more than 18 months, with the initial landscaping and earth moving having been carried out at an approximate cost of €17 million.

    Unlike some of the other projects like Tersafanou, this project is being carried out by serious business people, with the involvement of Gary Player Design and Nicklaus Design. The investors in this project can see that the future of Cyprus is with high quality projects, fully legal, and fully funded. I would suggest that Cyprus would benefit from some more Professional projects like this.

  12. Oh Yes ……….. Just like the ones over Ayia Napa side that have been talked of for years. Still not one has been seen.

    But we do have some lovely roads going to a non existent Marina, all paved and lit up as well. They must be so proud …….

    It’s all talk

    Four ………

  13. O WOW a golf course. Has it got title deeds?

    Or has their lawyer signed them up for some thing else?

  14. What staggering ineptitude! None of the other golfing projects licensed in recent years have taken off e.g. Tersefanou still stuck on the drawing board after several years because no investor or bank will cough up the finance, given the track record of property fiascos in Cyprus. What makes the Polis lot imagine they will fare better??

    And what of the up-and-running golf courses in Cyprus that have been around a few years? Keen golfers tell me that they all suffer from gargantuan over-pricing e.g. 150euros for a round of golf and an enforced caddy, and barely three star quality. These golfers prefer to spend a week at courses in Turkey with 5 star accommodation, drinks free all day at approx 850 euros all-in including air fare.

    Is the Polis proposal yet more ‘what can we get away with?’ chancer behaviour?

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