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Valentine’s day construction workers strike confirmed

Workers in the construction sector have confirmed that they will go on a 24 hour strike on Valentine’s day in a protest against “attacks on wages and benefits from a large number of employers”.

CONSTRUCTION sector workers have announced that they will go on a 24 hour strike on Tuesday 14th February in a protest against what they believe is the violation by the majority of employers of collective agreements and labour laws.

On Tuesday morning workers will form picket lines outside their places of work and union offices, where they will sign a petition addressed to the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and the Cyprus Federation of the Building Contractors Associations (OSEOK).

Striking workers will hold marches in all the towns.

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  • out of the frying pan into the fire says:

    They are probably happy they are on strike. They can’t sell anything or very little so they save on wages.

    Could you go on strike for about ten years please. We will continue to use cheap imported labour and deny everything .

  • Richard says:

    I think the national flag of Cyprus should be changed.

    Instead of the outline of the country with two crossed leaves underneath – how about a golden outstretched hand with a big finger pointing downwards into the open palm?

    New name: The Republic of Gimme

  • John Swift says:

    Amazing, when I brought this up on a Cyprus forum regarding imported unskilled Middle Eastern and Asian labour I was called racist followed by claims of how highly skilled the cheap imported labour is.

    The house we rented in 1966 is still there, I’d like to see some of the current stuff in 46 years time.

  • Pete says:

    I find myself agreeing with you Mike. I lost count of the times I visited my house and ripped out the abortions these monkeys had built. If I’d not been resident on the island and inspected every day or so I dread to think what I might have ended up with.

    It’s way past time proper building inspectors were appointed but my thoughts wander to how much of an increase there might be in the sales of brown envelopes.

  • Mike says:

    I bet I am the only one who agrees with this strike assuming it is for the reasons I believe it is for. Employers (Developers) have been constantly undermining agreements and the Country as a whole by using unskilled, non EU labour to undertake skilled work during construction and getting away with paying very minimal day rates but asking finishing foremen and or other non EU rendering labourers to render over the obvious faults and deficiencies in the construction. The resultant abomination of a building is therefore rendered over, painted and all the horrors and dangerous areas hidden from view until they emerge a few years down the line.

    As much as I resent the Island being coated in concrete at least what we do build should be sound, fit for purpose and compliant to whatever regulations are in force, this can only be achieved by using time served builders not anyone who can empty a bag of cement into a mixer. Sadly in the absence of an inspection process construction is woefully lacking.

  • WhoKnows says:

    Who cares they have had is very very good for a long time, now things are tough they are complaining; typical. Everyone is in the same boat get used to it.

  • Costas Afortune says:

    I believe a number of these construction workers must have been on strike for a long time judging on how long it takes them to try and finish certain developements !

  • Robert Briggs says:

    These blokes should demand that the Title Deeds are available to the buyer (who ultimately pays their wages) at point of sale. Then perhaps they might see a future in their industry?

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