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Get all the latest breaking news stories, articles and events that are shaping the Cyprus property market on your mobile phone from the newly launched mobile edition of the Cyprus Property News.

AFTER much behind-the-scenes work, we are pleased to announce the launch of the mobile edition of the Cyprus Property News.

We have noticed that an increasing number of people are accessing our website from mobile devices and we want to give them the best possible user experience.

Our mobile edition is a slimmed down version of our main site, which makes it fast and easy to access from web-enabled phones such as Apple iPhones and BlackBerrys. It provides all the information you are likely to need while on the move including the latest news and events that are shaping the Island’s property market and our contact details.

There is no need to remember a new website address. We will recognise that you are on a mobile phone when you access Cyprus Property News and present you with a mobile-friendly menu.

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