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27th June 2022
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Cyprus moves up three places in Top of the Props chart

THE popularity of Cyprus as a destination for overseas property investors improved three places in the March issue of the ‘Top of the Props’ chart published by

The most sought out destination for overseas property investors in March was Spain, with the USA in second place. Brazil and France came in third and fourth, followed by Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Greece, with Germany and Bulgaria at numbers nine and ten respectively.

Commenting on Brazil’s performance Director Dan Johnson said:

“It may be Brazil’s first time in the top three, but it has been one of the big property players for months. While other struggling markets are attracting buyers with low prices, Brazil’s strength comes from its economy and potential for investment before the World Cup and Olympics.”

The full breakdown of the March 2012 Top 40 is as follows:

3Brazil10.57Up 8
4France9.93Down 1
5Portugal7.21Down 1
6Italy3.86Down 1
7Turkey2.91Up 1
8Greece2.68Up 2
9Germany1.97Up 4
10Bulgaria1.96Down 4
11Cyprus1.91Up 3
12Barbados1.88Up 3
13Malta1.78Up 5
14India1.74Up 3
15Cape Verde1.72Down 8
17Morocco1.2Down 8
18Canada0.99Up 2
20UAE0.81Up 2
21Czech Republic0.73Up 22
22Indonesia0.71Up 6
24Australia0.57Down 12
25Egypt0.56Down 4
26Poland0.39Up 3
27Slovenia0.36Down 1
28Cayman Islands0.34Up 8
29Switzerland0.29Down 2
31St Lucia0.28Up 10
32St Kitts and Nevis0.26Up 2
33South Africa0.22Up 7
34Mexico0.21Down 10
35Belize0.18Down 4
36Philippines0.15Down 4
37Mauritius0.15Up 10
38Kenya0.12Up 8
39Cambodia0.1Down 1
40Bahamas0.1Up 4 is an overseas property search portal and its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.

We expect that the Cyprus sales statistics for March will be available by the end of next week and we shall see whether the Island’s increased popularity is reflected in the number of sales. Anecdotal evidence leads us to believe that sales in Paphos are improving after many months of decline.



  1. @petrocelli – as stated in the article:

    “ is an overseas property search portal and its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.”

  2. The Movechannel who have produced this table, is merely a search portal for overseas investors. So presumably these stats are based on the number of searches carried out.

    Logic dictates that this will not necessarily be translated into actual sales. As such it is therefore relatively meaningless.

    Property sales around the world are depressed and anyone who tells you different is lying.

  3. Of course, it all depends on what scale you measure popularity.

    Brazil is ranked third yet articles like this appear. It puts Cyprus place at eleventh into some real perspective.


    Only 9 per cent of roads are paved and there are almost no passenger railways. Airports are being reformed for the 2014 Fifa World Cup and 2016 Olympics but are behind schedule and widely regarded as a disaster. Public transport in most cities is dangerous at worst and insufficient at best. The murder rate, while falling, is still one of the highest in the word, and Brazilian students come close to last in international education tests.

    Thanks to high taxes, poor services and urban violence, very few Brazilians enjoy the same quality of life as in the UK.

    Brazil is also famous for kidnappings and ransom, so I suppose that measures up well to buying a home in Cyprus

  4. Robert – Do remember however that it is still behind places like Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Germany so that is certainly not too much to shout about.

    Being ahead of India, Egypt, Poland, Slovenia, Belize and Kenya would also not be anything I would consider worthy of being proud of. With all due respects to each of those countries and their peoples as we are only talking of overseas property investments here or as I see it holiday homes for the vast majority.

    In the past, albeit distant past, Cyprus would have been the top destination wish along with Spain for holiday home ownership. Not so today in the case of Cyprus with thanks to our developers, planners, building inspectors (not) and legal system from top to bottom. Thank you so much for wrecking this beautiful Island and it’s people to a great extent.

  5. I guesstimate that represents an increase around 8% in property investment in Cyprus. So much for all the hullabaloo about mortgages and title deeds.

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