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Overseas property sales continue to shrink

Overseas investment in the Cyprus real estate market continues to dwindle with the number of sales falling a quarter during the first three months of 2012 compared to the same period last year.

Home sales continue slide despite incentives

Despite cuts in VAT and transfer taxes, and revised laws designed to improve consumer protection, the number of properties being sold in Cyprus is continuing to decline according to government figures.

Property transactions examined under microscope

Real estate market research company Leaf Research has put more than 23,000 property transactions in Larnaca under the microscope to provide a revealing insight into the changing nature of its property market.

Protest at ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ property exhibition

A group of property buyers continued to raise awareness of the problems associated with buying property in Cyprus by holding a peaceful protest outside the ‘A Place in the Sun Live’ exhibition at Earls Court.

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