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Venus rock resort under construction

Golf & Land Design’s plans and vision are quickly being realised at the Secret Valley golf Club at Venus Rock Resort in Cyprus, where the first of two new 18 hole golf courses is under full construction.

DEVELOPED by Aristo Developers from Paphos, Venus Rock will be one of Europe’s largest luxury beach-front residential developments. Nestled in the spectacular Cypriot coastline, this unique resort will radiate serenity and natural beauty. Set in a stunning valley setting next to neighbouring Aphrodite Hills, the golf course can be reached within 20 minutes from Paphos.

Home eventually to some 3000 properties, the resort aims is to create a vibrant, exclusive community that provides residents with facilities and service second to none. In addition to the two golf courses with a new luxurious clubhouse, the Masterplan includes a retail and leisure area with over 15,000 square metres of seafront commercial space, property development and a beach hotel with spa. Visitors and residents will be offered the highest standards of comfort, convenience, exclusivity and opulence.

Tony Jacklin, four times Ryder Cup captain and winner of the British Open and US open, is providing his signature for the two Secret Valley golf courses and lends even further proof of exclusivity. Golf & Land Design have a successful and ongoing design cooperation with the Jacklin Design Group on other international projects.

Due to the mature vegetation in the valley, the golf course can take advantage of a unique setting within Cyprus. Golf & Land Design architects Hans-Georg Erhardt and Snorri Vilhjalmsson have carefully laid out the holes in the natural landscape, utilising the steep hillside terrain for spectacular tee locations and long views towards valley and ocean.

Aided by GPS technology and detailed grading plans, French construction company Benedetti are moving fast and on schedule. Rough earthworks are completed, fine shaping is in full motion, irrigation lakes have been lined, pumps are installed and the first set of holes are being grassed. Completion of the first course is scheduled for year end. Already now, the course is beginning to take shape, including some stunning stone walls and water features around the main reservoir lake. The narrow but fair Bermuda fairways are highly shaped and rolling, each with 6 set of tees, large Bent grassed green and strategically placed bunkers to allow both competitive professional play and a relaxed friendly game. Overall, the golf course gives prominence to local landscaping and blends harmoniously into the natural beauty of the site.

The offering will include high end golf academy facilities. The driving range is located close to clubhouse and starting hole and provides grassed tees as well as sheltered bays. Large putting, chipping, and pitching greens as well as indoor solutions with golf simulator and swing studios complete the modern practice areas.

The existing Secret Valley Clubhouse will serve the first new course while a new and larger clubhouse will add luxury to the second course. And to add more golfing excitement, a floodlight 3-hole loop for evening play will be conveniently located at the lower end of the golf course where the beach development links with the golf course.

With two of the island’s most challenging 18 hole golf courses and a breathtaking clubhouse, you needn’t go anywhere else – Venus Rock will have everything at hand for a lifestyle yet to be experienced on the island.

Press release issued by Golf & Land Design (Austria)

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  • Russ says:

    Will and they ever build the golf course at Larnaca near Tersefanou or was this always just one big hoax ?

  • Costas Apacket says:

    Update: I’ve now registered my interest as a potential purchaser at Venus Rock.

    Let’s see what lovely information I get supplied with to fully and transparently inform me about the property purchasing processeses that exist in Cyprus.

    Should be interesting.

  • Costas Apacket says:

    I stand corrected Nigel, you are quite right, I should have said:

    ‘at the point of delivery of any individual property, the conveyance or transfer of a Clear Legal Title into the name of the purchaser of said individual property should take place’.

    Let’s hope this happens with properties built within the Venus Rock development.

    I’ll ask all those concerned with the development about this and report back on their responses.

  • Duped says:

    When I bought in 2005 Title Deeds were not an issue but they certainly are now. In his article, Banks and Government Destroying the Property Market, Nigel advised not to buy a property in Cyprus unless it has full Title Deeds.

    I believe potential off plan purchasers will be well aware of this serious problem and all the fine words and lifestyle marketing will not attract any high end buyers until this situation is fully resolved.

    The developers need to understand this.

  • @Costas Apacket – I can think of no countries in the world where Title Deeds are available for properties yet to be built at “point of sale”.

    I think you mean “on delivery of a property”?

    Many countries, including Greece, can manage to deliver Title Deeds on delivery of a property.

    However, as everyone is well aware, getting Title Deeds issued in Cyprus is a nightmare due to the unacceptable delays resulting from overburdening bureaucracy in local and central government departments, the actions of nefarious property developers, and a lack of enforcement of the law.

    At the present time it has been estimated that there are in the region of 130,000 properties that have yet to have their Title Deeds issued. Assuming a household comprises 2.4 persons, approximately one third of the Island’s population is affected by the Title Deed fiasco.

    The system is a complete and utter mess!

  • Costas Apacket says:

    So Duped, it would seem that in your experience although – “Venus Rock will have everything at hand for a lifestyle yet to be experienced on the island.”, this ‘experience’ could possibly exclude the immediate availability of Title Deeds at the point of sale, or indeed anytime soon after, for potential purchasers of properties on the development?

    If this is so, I suspect that any potential purchasers of properties situated on this development would be grateful to be made aware of this possibility.

    Do you agree?

  • Duped says:

    Hi Costas Apacket. No Title Deeds yet. Aristo and the Land Registry blame each other and despite my best efforts I cannot find out exactly what is happening and when the process will end.

    I suspect the wealthy purchasers Aristo are hoping to attract to Venus Rock will not be willing to put up with this nonsense.

  • Costas Apacket says:

    Duped, – May I politely ask you if you have managed to obtain your Title Deeds from Aristo yet?

  • Duped says:

    Nigel you are so right about credibility and trust. Those of us who bought on Secret Valley seven or more years ago were promised the things listed in the press release but there is still not so much as a convenience shop.

    Aristo also told us the land around our plots would probably be a par 3 golf course but housing was most unlikely to be built there. Surprise, surprise the plan has changed and they now intend to build numerous villas and roads. The company seems hell bent on blighting it’s own so called prestige development.

  • Maxwell Hannah says:

    Nigel I have just had a lovely weekend of playing Golf at Secret Valley Golf Club. The place is well on the way and should look great when finished.

    We only played the back nine holes twice, which was OK, because they are redoing the whole course, but looking forward to playing the full 18 hole course when finished. And if this brings people to Cyprus well it can only be a fine thing, can it not.

  • @Martyn – The problem with these up-market developments as I see it is market credibility.

    Many, many years ago when I first started in business a colleague said to me “Nigel – remember that credibility is like virginity; you can only lose it once”.

    In recent years Cyprus has lost much, if not all, of its credibility and it is difficult to see how it can regain people’s trust.

    But I would like to think that if Skoda can do it, so can Cyprus. But it’s going to need significant changes to business practices.

  • Martyn says:

    Totally agree Nigel, Cyprus is already late, very late, getting into serious and up-market golf. The Larnaca Golf disaster hasn’t helped. An excellent study in ‘how not to’. But the Aphrodite linkage, the superb location and the branding support bode well for this new development.

    Looking ahead this island needs developments such as this; those who buy, rent, eat, drink, play golf are known the world over to be Hi-Spend individuals and corporates capable of supporting 5-Star developments. And very pleasing that this one carries the trusted Jacklin name.

  • @UBoat – Why should developers try to attract the majority? That marketing strategy has failed!

    Appealing to the majority has resulted in the destruction of the Island’s natural beauty by the construction of thousands of little white boxes and apartment blocks with very little architectural merit aimed at the ‘candy floss and fish & chip’ market.

    Perhaps by targeting the ‘caviar and champagne’ market the Island will be able to achieve the same level of foreign investment with a considerably lower impact on the environment.

  • UBoat says:

    And where are all the wealthy people coming from to buy theses luxury villas etc etc, and play on theses fabulous courses???

    The few again? not the majority!

    How about forcing the developers to finish what’s already been on going for years first ???

    Ah but that does not grease the wheels of commerce does it like a free stay and round of golf in a “world class course”.

    Well done again Cyprus.

  • Costas Apacket says:

    With two of the island’s most challenging 18 hole golf courses and a breathtaking clubhouse, you needn’t go anywhere else – Venus Rock will have everything at hand for a lifestyle yet to be experienced on the island.

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