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Two day construction worker strike

Construction workers plan a two day strike starting tomorrow (Thursday) blaming their employers for what they claim is their refusal to enter into a dialogue on renewing collective agreements.

CONSTRUCTION industry workers will start a two-day strike tomorrow to protest what they say is the refusal of employers to enter into a dialogue on renewing collective agreements.

They also claim that certain employers have expressed a view that any collective agreement cannot be signed until after a possible Troika memorandum has been signed.

Building contractors called on their colleagues to join the protest, saying that the current level of unemployment in the construction industry is due to the financial crisis and the employment of illegal immigrants.

Ruling party AKEL (Communist) expressed their solidarity with the strike welcoming the unity of the labour movement on the issue.

Following the strike the construction industry unions will meet to decide their next move, which may include indefinite strike action.

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  • Whirlybird Rtd says:

    Well said Costas, my sentiments exactly this could well be the start of a clean out. Don’t like the idea of AKEL agreeing to the industrial action though since they are about to step out of the scene next year. If more had bean done by the ruling government to help the country instead of helping(putin)g it further into the mire during its reign it probably would not have come to this.

  • Costas Apacket says:

    An indefinite construction strike in Cyprus?

    I can think of worse things, since it’s probably just what the Island needs so that all the existing empty stock can be sold, (or demolished, before new stock is needlessly built for phantom buyers).

    The poor economic situation has certainly had an effect on the Cypriot property industry, but equally so has the artful, collusive & deceptive ways employed by those who have inhabited the murky Cypriot property market over the past few years.

    They are now reaping that which they have previously sown which is a deliciously fitting outcome for those who have suffered at their hands.

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