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Brilliant concept for Cyprus carnival king

It is not often that I report on non-property related matters, but I just could not resist bringing you this story which will thrust Cyprus into the top ten places for its brilliant minds and ingenuity.

chinese_carnival SOMETIMES I wonder how decisions are made; perhaps following a healthy discussion on the pros and cons of different courses of action with colleagues, on the flip of a coin, or perhaps someone gets a brilliant idea.

Well someone in Paphos has had a brilliant idea, according to a report by Lucie Robson in the current issue of the Cyprus Weekly.

As the town strives to become the 2017 European Capital of culture, culture lovers will be delighted to hear that, this year, the town’s Carnival King will be dressed as a Chinese Investor!

Since moving to Cyprus more than ten years ago, I have heard and read about many brilliant ideas. The first, as I recall, was to build a fifty foot high statue of Aphrodite at Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s rock), where the mythical Greek goddess of love is said to have emerged from the sea.

In 2009 the Greek-language newspaper Politis revealed plans to build a Disneyland-style tourist theme park at Pyla. Situated in the UN buffer zone and covering an area of some 80 hectares, the project has get to get off the ground.

A couple of years ago a plan to build the world’s tallest statue at Pentakomo/Monagrouli on Cyprus’ southern coast emerged. Funded by a Russian philanthropic group, the plan was to build a conference centre that would have incorporated a record-breaking 135 metre high statue of an angel.

Just over a year ago a there was Russian backed scheme to build sandy beaches and a sea-plane port at Kato Paphos. The scheme was to include a small marina and two areas for seaplanes, travelling to and from the Greek islands, Egypt, Israel and around Cyprus.

I can imagine what a fifty foot high statue of Aphrodite would look like and a sea-plane terminal – and I’ve seen an artist’s impression of the 135 metre high statue of the proposed angel and the Disneyland-style tourist theme park planned for Pyla.

But I have to say in all honesty that try as I might, I cannot imagine what a Carnival King dressed up as a Chinese investor would look like.

But as Lucie Robson points out in her article – we will all find out find out next Thursday when he enters Paphos on a float to mark the start of the Carnival festivities.

Cameras and camcorders at the ready!

Readers' comments

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  • Frank says:

    How about leading the parade with a giant Golden Goose; followed by a developer, a solicitor, a banker and Neoclis Sylikiotis: feasting on a Golden Egg (perhaps with a lion stamped on it). We all know that the word carnival is derived from eating meat, so; at the end of the parade; the developer, the solicitor, the banker and Neoclis Sylikiotis would ritually slaughter and devour the golden Goose.

    This would be followed by a period of cheery, carnival optimism while they waited for more parades to follow: Russians, Scandinavians, Israelis, Arabs, Chinese et al.

  • andyp says:

    Perhaps, let’s call them the desperate, will wish to re-name Paphos, following the carnival in the hope of attracting new victims.

    Ho Hum Town sounds good to me.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Pete says:

    The mere fact the carnival king is being portrayed as a ‘Chinese Investor’ demonstrates once and for all who is actually running Paphos and it’s certainly not Savvas Vergas. He is obviously just a puppet to those people who would destroy yet more of this country in the name of ‘progress’ or perhaps we should substitute that word for a more appropriate one; ‘profit’.

    So now we know it’s the developers who pushed for the Paphos – Polis motorway, if it’s ever resurrected will they be the ones to finance it or will they get their friends in government to foot the bill so they can add a few more euros to their bank accounts?

  • Maxwell Raymond Hannah says:

    I Think all you, not very nice people, saying things like that, don`t you realise that This Chinese Dressed Dragon Investor, holds the future of Cyprus in his Right Hand and in His LEFT HAND he will be holding all the yet to be Delivered Title Deeds, that will make US ALL Happy!! ?? etc
    Ho Hum,

  • Adrian says:

    It will be dressed up in traditional Chinese costume with a big fat wallet full of money and surrounded by cunningly disguised bankers, lawyers and developers who will snatch money from the unsuspecting Chinese and at the end of the procession there will be no money left and the bankers etc. will have disappeared and everyone will have a good laugh at someone else’s expense. It’s just like now only different costumes.

  • Dunn good says:

    We all know what a SNAKE DID in the Garden of Eden, it decieved Eve who then pressured Adam into taking the same wrong course, the first pair bringing us all woes. !!! One wonders what this one will do.

  • Costas Apacket says:

    Jon Frazer – maybe during the procession they will be playing ‘fangs for the memories’?

  • Kenny E says:

    I am sure that it will be done in the ‘best possible taste’.

  • Denton Mackrell says:

    If they wanted to make a mark with the Chinese, surely they should have done an appropriate event to celebrate Chinese New Year a few weeks ago. Ah,but then of course they would have had to engage in the distribution of the customary cash-filled ‘red envelopes’. Oh gosh! What am I saying! No self-respecting Paphite would dare do such a thing!

    Kung hey fa choi!

  • andyp says:

    Sums up the desperation of the industry.

    My guess is they would like a clown. Back to the industry again!

    Why do these crooks persist in their efforts?

    Doomed and pathetic.

    Sort the problems.

  • jon frazer says:

    Costas,(8.19) that was a rather venemous comment from you!!

  • Costas Apacket says:

    Well it is the Chinese year of the snake so maybe it was a Cypriot snake which had the idea?

    Now where would we find a Cypriot snake in Paphos, I wonder?

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