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New Limassol marina is ‘a gem’

The Limassol marina project is expected to be completed by the end of the year, with an official opening taking place in spring of 2014; the first yachts were welcomed earlier this year.

The new Limassol marina

Limassol Marina

THE NEW Limassol Marina is an impressive development, according to tourism minister George Lakkotrypis on his first official visit to the marina on Thursday.

After Lakkotrypis’ visit and tour of the development, he said: “It is really an impressive project, a real gem, both for Limassol and for Cyprus.”

He also mentioned that the project gave an excellent example of what could be successfully achieved with the collaboration of the public and private sectors.

Despite the economic crisis in Cyprus, property sales at the marina were satisfactory, according to the minister.

Lakkotrypis said Marina were an essential part of the government’s policy to enrich tourism.

Taking this as an example, Lakkotrypis said the project should be emulated in other regions of Cyprus “in order to bring about growth and tourism to our island.”

Referring to the development of other marinas, the minister said problems with funding were the reason why more were not being developed.

“This is something we are looking into. There is interest from foreign investors and we put them in contact with project contractors,” he said.

“We hope other marinas have the chance to reach the level of success established by the Limassol Marina.”

The project is still not finished. Its completion is expected by the end of the year, with the official opening taking place in spring of 2014. It will have 54 shops and 12 restaurants with parking space for up to 750 cars.

The first yachts were welcomed into the Limassol Marina on May 21, a few months after delivering 94 luxury apartments to their residence.

The new marina boasts a capacity of 650 berths, for yachts up to 115 metres in length and is the first full service super-yacht marina on the island.

New Limassol marina is 'a gem'

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  • Andrew says:

    Recent history shows that “gems” attract thieves.

    Will each and every purchase of luxury apartments also include full title deeds at the point of sale?

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