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Action against Cyprus

Protestors gather outside the Bank of Cyprus in Paphos

DENIS O’HARE of the Cyprus Property Action Group (CPAG) has been advised by the Head of the Unit for Consumer and Marketing Law at the European Commission that infringement proceedings have been opened against Cyprus.

The move follows a campaign led by CPAG encouraging those who had been duped into buying property built on mortgaged land – and subjected to other nefarious property-related business practices – to seek redress through the Cyprus Competition Consumer Protection Service.

However, as the Competition Consumer Protection Service apparently rejected consumer complaints and failed to take action, CPAG took the complaints to the European Commission with the supports of many MEPs.

The letter of formal notice, dated 20 June 2013, is the first step in infringement proceedings under Article 258 TFUE (Treaty on the Functioning of the EU). The Cypriot authorities have been invited to comment within two months. Further proceedings will depend on their observations.

The letter to Mr O’Hare advises “Since infringement proceedings between the Commission and a Member State have no direct impact on the legal position of individual consumers, affected consumers have to take appropriate steps within the time-limits applying under national law to defend their rights.”

Further information on those ‘appropriate steps’ may be found on the CPAG website.

Further reading

Infringement Case 2013/2082 – Cyprus (previous references EU-pilot 2632/11/JUST, CHAP(2012) 3262, CHAP (2011) 3252)