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Cyprus at number twelve in Top of the Props

The interest being shown in Cyprus as a destination for overseas property investors improved last month according to the ‘Top of the Props’ chart published by the

CYPRUS climbed one place to number twelve in the August edition of the ‘Top of the Props’ published by the property portal

The USA reclaimed the number one spot from Spain accounting for more than a quarter of those looking for overseas property. Portugal and France came in third and fourth, followed by Italy, Turkey, Brazil and Greece, with Germany and Cape Verde at numbers nine and ten respectively. Director Dan Johnson comments: “With the market recovery in full swing, US real estate is the most attractive in the world right now. Rising values have boosted investor confidence, while also driving buyers to secure strong rental yields before prices get too high.

“In Europe, though, it is the opposite story: falling values are driving demand, with bargain hunters returning to old favourites where places in the sun are no longer out of their reach. Spain and Portugal have both seen demand surge, helped by recent announcements of residency laws designed to attract non-EU buyers. Greece now looks set to follow suit.”

Greece jumped eight places in the chart, boosted by price reductions and the introduction of residency laws for non-EU investors, which offers five years of residence to investors who spend at least €250,000 on Greek real estate.

The full breakdown of the August 2013 edition of the Top of the Props chart is as follows:

1USA27.26Up 1
2Spain7.55Down 1
3Portugal6.78No change
4France5.33No change
5Italy4.89Up 2
6Turkey3.76No change
7Brazil3.31Down 2
8Greece3.26Up 10
9Germany2.51Up 8
10Cape Verde1.79Up 4
11Canada1.77Down 2
12Cyprus1.76Up 1
13Thailand1.67Down 5
14India1.58Up 17
15Bulgaria1.41Up 4
16Malta1.31Down 5
17Croatia0.94Down 7
18Dominican Republic0.83Down 2
19Hungary0.80Down 7
20St Kitts and Nevis0.67Down 5
21UAE0.59No change
22Senegal0.50No change
23Barbados0.46Up 5
24Ecuador0.42No change
25Egypt0.39Down 3
26Grenada0.37Down 2
27Austria0.31Up 16
28Montenegro0.31Up 7
29Cayman Islands0.30Down 9
30St Lucia0.27Down 4
31Poland0.24Down 6
32Morocco0.22Down 9
33Switzerland0.20Up 3
34Australia0.18Down 1
35Belize0.17Down 6
36Jamaica0.16Down 6
37Romania0.15Down 10
38South Africa0.14Up 7
39Philippines0.11Up 9
40St Vincent and Grenadines0.09Down 8 is an overseas property search portal and its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.

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  • Aggis Demetriou says:

    Mr Freshwater many years ago told me “my son London has been here 2000 years and its not going away”

    How comes the UK is not on the list, I know where i will put my money in and guess what its not on the list shh keep it quiet.

  • Pippa says:

    Would anyone with an iota of common sense buy a property in Cyprus, until they get the title deeds fiasco and the developers NPLs I think not.

  • Paul W says:

    Yet more nonsense from! Recent report in The Global Property Guide had Cyprus as the weakest property market in the world!

    The property market in Cyprus will never recover unless/until all the corrupt practices of the Government, Banks etc. have been eliminated. Fact!

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