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Get a breakdown of your Immovable Property Tax bill

Following complaints from owners of multiple properties that they were not being issued with detailed statements of how their IPT has been calculated, the Cyprus Inland Revenue has acted to resolve the problem.

REGISTERED owners of multiple properties who have received Immovable Property Tax notices (?.??. 316) can now print an itemised breakdown of their properties showing the tax due on each.

The Inland Revenue Department issued the following announcement to assist taxpayers:


Please be informed that the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) through the website, enables you to print an itemized breakdown of your real estate, which corresponds to the JCC reference number printed on the Tax Return sent. The itemized breakdown is linked to the information received from the Department of Lands and Surveys.

Note that, if the total value of the property as stated in the itemized breakdown, is greater than the corresponding amount mentioned in the Tax Return, this is probably due to the recent revaluation of any of your property by the Department of Lands and Surveys.

In case where the total value of the property as stated in the itemized breakdown, is less than the corresponding amount mentioned in Tax Return, this is probably due to information contained in the tax file maintained by the IRD.

Note that registered owners are those who have the Title Deeds to their property.

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  • @George – The House of Representatives should vote today on whether to exempt owners whose properties have a 1980 value of less than €5,000 (and other amendments put forward by AKEL and others).

    As soon I see any changes in the Gazette – I will publish a comprehensive update.

  • George says:

    Can you please tell me if land or building is 5000 euro or less according to 1980 title deed valuation, is one exempt of paying IPT for 2013 and following years. Thank you

  • Costas Apacket says:

    I don’t want a breakdown of my IPT bill, in fact, I don’t want an IPT bill at all until all of the unknown owners of the 250,000 properties are identified and are being charged with their fair share of IPT since if I pay my IPT bill before this happens then this would mean I would be paying far too much IPT, in fact, I would be subsidising the 250,000 invisibles, and I don’t think I would receive a retrospective refund anytime soon.

  • Whirlybird Rtd says:

    Is it possible to obtain a valuation on your property even if you have not yet got your title deeds? If so where.

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