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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Cyprus back in the top 10

CYPRUS moved back into the top 10 in the latest ‘Top of the Props’ report published by the property portal, accounting for 1.74% of on-line searches on the property portal.

North America retained its number one spot for the sixth successive month although enquiries fell to 12.76% of the overall total, while Spain kept its second position accounting for 8.67% of enquiries.

Brazil moved up into the number three spot, followed by Portugal at number four and France at number five. Argentina was a surprise new entry into the Top 10, moving up 18 places to take number six.

Canada moved up to number seven, followed by Turkey, Thailand and finally Cyprus at number ten.

The full breakdown of the December 2013 edition of the Top of the Props chart is as follows:

Share (%age)
1USA12.76No change
2Spain8.67No change
3Brazil5.61Up  2
4Portugal3.99Down 1
5France3.81Down 1
6Argentina3.41Up 18
7Canada2.86Up 3
8Turkey2.66Down 2
9Thailand1.96Down 1
10Cyprus1.74Up 2
11Italy1.71Down 2
12Hungary1.67Up 5
13India1.65Down 2
14Bulgaria1.52Up 6
15Germany1.46Up 6
16Greece1.09Up 3
17Ecuador1.00Down 1
18Croatia0.86Up 8
19South Africa0.69Down 6
20UAE0.62Up 2
21Cape Verde0.61Down 7
22Pakistan0.57Up 10
23Barbados0.54Up 6
24Romania0.52Up 13
25Guernsey0.44Down 2
26Malta0.39Down 1
27Poland0.38Up 4
28Cayman Islands0.35Down 21
29Australia0.30Up 5
30St Lucia0.25Down 3
31Belize0.22Down 3
32Bahamas0.22Up 4
33Switzerland0.21No change
34Slovenia0.21Up 4
35Egypt0.19Down 5
36Albania0.19No change
37Morocco0.18No change
38Austria0.16Up 11
39New Zealand0.14Up 5
40St Vincent and Grenadines0.12Up 5

Founded in 1999, is the leading independent website for international property, with than 400,000 listings in over 100 countries around the world, marketed on behalf of agents, developers and private owners. Its ‘Top of the Props’ chart is based on the number of on-line enquiries for property in different countries around the world.


  1. Destinations can appear to move up simply due to the fact that others above them have moved down. So this table needs to be treated with some caution, as Richard says, and should not be taken as a serious guide to the perfect location.

  2. I’ve personally never been quite sure of the value of this.

    So Cyprus gets searched a lot – but what for? People genuinely wanting to buy or bench-marking prices before reading up on the finer point detail of what’s actually going on in the region.

    A few days ago – it was clear the market has further slumped in terms of ACTUAL sales y-o-y.

    So Cyprus gets marginally more clicks on a property website?

    My left big toe probably micro twitches more than my right one?


  3. Looks like more people would prefer ARGENTINA than CYPRUS. The numbers don’t lie, but the Cayman Islands must have fallen out of favour. I must speak to some developers and find out where the best place is now from a asset management point of view.

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